Monday, December 20, 2010

walkin' in a winter wonderland

Let's talk shoes, shall we? (Oh, you thought I'd never ask? Well, today is your lucky day!) Just like my clothes go through seasonal changes, so does my shoe collection. Often shoe selection is crucial when putting together the right look with any outfit. Below are some of my winter footwear essentials:

Winter Footwear

With winter comes freezing temperatures and slushy sidewalks/parking lots/driveways, so having the proper footwear to tackle such unfriendly conditions/terrain is a must. Though it's easy to want to throw on my knock-off Uggs (thanks, Target) all winter long, they don't speak to every outfit and they aren't appropriate for the office. So here is the method behind my winter shoe madness:
  • Have plenty of cute flats. Simply put, flats are the easiest to walk in, especially during winter when ice could be hiding anywhere. Don some comfy and cute flat, slouchy boots, or slip on fun prints or metallics to boost your winter wardrobe, or even sport an indoor/outdoor pair of moccasins. They look like old man slippers, but they are warm and fabulous.
  • Basic boots are a must. Whether you opt for a pair of (knock-off) Uggs or Hunter wellies, these boots are truly essential for winter. They go with just about anything, and are great for running errands, shopping, or walking your dog(s).
  • Low and steady wins the race. Ladies, while we are all impressed by your impeccable balancing act on your 5-inch stilettos, death by high heels is no way to go. Instead, choose heels that are thicker and lower for better support and easier maneuvering through the winter elements. Wedges are also one of my favorites because I find them to be supportive and easy to balance and walk in.
  • Bundle up your tootsies. Stick to closed-toe shoes during the winter months (well except maybe the occasionally classy holiday party and New Year's Eve). With all the cute booties, boots, and flats there really is not reason to expose your toes this season. Two reasons I like winter: I don't have to paint my toenails and it doesn't matter what socks I wear with my boots. Embrace this opportunity! Plus, I tend to find that if my feet are cold, my whole body is cold, so I keep my tootsies wrapped up all winter long.
What are your go-to shoes for winter?


Emily said...

Love it! And I made the mistake a few weeks ago of wearing peep toes on a day I didn't know it was going to snow - we ended up getting a foot of snow (no pun intended). BIG MISTAKE!

Brittany said...

I'm in desperate need for some winter flats that are thicker than a half inch. I'm hoping my mom got the Aldo link I sent to her :)

Anonymous said...

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