Thursday, January 6, 2011

a fresh start, or is it?

Perhaps being a better blogger should have been on my list of New Years' Resolutions. I apologize if you've been feeling neglected. You probably don't want to hear my "I was so busy over the holidays" excuse, so I won't say it. I can't promise a hiatus like this won't happen again, but I'll try my best not to go another three weeks without blogging. I missed it. And you.

With the new year (hello, 2011), everyone keeps talking about a fresh start. This same conversation happens every year around this time. Many of us make new years' resolutions that we have no intentions of keeping or, in the back of our minds,  we know we can't or won't keep, so we ultimately set ourselves up for failure at the start of the new year. I am one of these people. I like to think that this year, and every year, will be different. That I keep my resolutions. I hope I do. However, I am a self-proclaimed optimistic realist. If there ever was such a thing. So while I hope that I can conquer my list of resolutions (admittedly, I can't remember all of them), I am also aware that life can be unexpected and some of my resolutions might simmer on the back burner another year.

Resolutions and a fresh start are really about change. I'm a huge fan of change. Not in all areas of my life, but in the areas that could use changing. A breath of fresh air. A change of pace. Change can be small. Or big. Or medium-sized, I guess. And sometimes change is going to happen whether you plan for it or not, or want it to or not, but it can also happen when you need it most. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Other times, you have to fight like hell. Change takes commitment. Commitment to accept it or fight it. But you have to commit. Do you really want to change? Can you commit?

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if you can ever truly make a fresh start. You can't undo what you've done or forget your memories (unless of course, you have amnesia). Whether good or bad, your past is your past. It can be used as a benchmark for how far you've come, as a teaching tool, and as a reference to get to where you want to go. What's in the past does not have to be in the future. A fresh start is really about change. A change of heart, a new way of thinking, of moving in the world. It's about making better choices. We always have a choice. Did you make the right one? Will you?

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Changes. Choices. A fresh start. Good luck, luvies. And happy new year.


Ashley Hasty said...

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<3 Ashley

Stephanie the PW said...

Welcome back & fantastic post, hun! I've never really made resolutions - I never keep them!

Have a great weekend :)

Brittiny said...

I loved this one! It's so great to step back and ponder these things sometimes. Well said.

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