Tuesday, February 22, 2011

get this bride an umbrella

Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. Sorry, I couldn't resist. But as the matron of honor, I, along with my sister Casey, who is the maid of honor, have been tasked with throwing my sister, Heather, a bridal shower.

{say hi to Heather}

Yesterday, I bombarded her with a slew of questions regarding said shower. The only thing she could tell me were which dates didn't work for her this spring. So I put her to work on a guest list. She's pretty easy going, though she's quite the planner, but she trusts my taste, so I'm hoping she'll be on board with my ideas.

First, for the shower invite, I'm thinking something funky like this (don't know why I couldn't save the photo, oh well). Or maybe just a bride holding an umbrella with some rain falling? I just want something fun.

Second, I'd love to choose a date in May (May 14 or 15?) or even the last weekend in April when the weather is warm enough to possibly  have the shower outdoors. I'm thinking a pavilion in the park near my parents' house. Of course, I'll run this all by Heather first (insert innocent smile here).

Third, I want to keep costs down, so I would enlist the help of my mom and Casey to help me prepare food. We would also have a blast doing little DIY decor crafts. Here are a few decor ideas I've found using Heather's wedding colors - mermaid and tangerine (teal and orange to you).

{all photos via The Knot}

Some type of orange punch or sangaria is a must. I love the idea of simple table centerpieces by using mason jars filled with a couple orange flowers (I don't have a green thumb, so I can't tell you what kinds of flowers those are). I'm dying to use little note cards tacked to oranges to label all the food and drinks. Though I love the hanging lantern-type things or whatever you want to call them, but I'd probably opt for making tissue paper puff balls (again, whatever you call them) to hang from the ceiling of the pavilion. Obviously, we can't leave out the teal, so we could use teal napkins, plates, cups, you name it. And even work the teal into the desserts.

Speaking of desserts, I think having a create-your-own cupcake bar would be a fun and delicious way to involve guests, while also sending them home with a cupcake party favor. See, look how cute:

{via The Knot}

Of course, I can't forget about the bridal shower games. I'm thinking maybe Fill in the Blank Vows, or a trip down Memory Lane, or the infamous Bridal Bingo. Or maybe a photo board where guests have to guess how old Heather was in each photo. There will certainly be prizes, per bridal shower game etiquette. What are good bridal shower game prizes? I'd probably go for a Starbucks gift card or a goody bag of Bath & Body Works candles and lotions. No?

Needless to say, I'm pumped to start planning Heather's bridal shower. Wish me luck as I present my ideas to her this week!


Lindsey said...

first off - I'm LOVING heather's colors - so beautiful and unique!

i love the idea for the shower invite - the one off of the site.. funky and modern.

to add teal to the flower arangements - you could totally just do mason jars with orange flowers [and i have no green thumb but i think they may be a xenia] and tie a mermaid colored ribbon around the mason jar.

I have more serving/cupcake tire holder things at my house so if you want to come raid my place you are more than welcome to :)

Happy planning let me know if you need any ideas/help! i always love being crafty!

Mary said...

I love her colors and your ideas! The decorating cupcakes idea is so cute! Post pictures please! :)

Brittany said...

Cute ideas!! I think the flowers are gerber daises. They are usually a big bright colored flower that always look great!

I also have a few cupcake holders if you need any! Wedding showers are so much fun! I have one coming up in March and I'm sooo excited!!

Holly said...

Ladies - thank you for your excitement and suggestions! I'm super pumped, and I hope Heather is ready for all of this!

Lindsey - once I confirm what crafts we're going to be doing, I may just have to enlist your help! I'll keep you posted!

Heather said...

of course i love all your ideas, you creative little monster you! my only suggestion: don't spend too much!

Emily said...

I love Heather's colors (esp. since one of them was mine, too)! If you need anything aqua, I have tons!! Lots of aqua ribbon that I never used, aqua lantern balls that you could borrow, etc.

Some other fun games I've seen at the slew of showers we had last year were: making up stories about Heather and her fiance, some true, some false, and people have to guess which ones are true. The old trivia bubblegum game.

As for shower gifts, I love getting lotions, candles, nail polish, lipgloss, etc. Things that I will actually use!

I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!!

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