Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what i'm loving wednesday

I have never participated in Jamie's What I'm Loving Wednesday, but I thought I'd give it a shot. So today I'm loving:

1. The Jan./Feb. edition of Rue magazine. It's full of fabulous home decor ideas. 

2. These colorful, budget friendly prints from 20x200 that I found while browsing Rue mag today:

3. These beautiful fabrics by Thomas Paul that I found again via Rue mag:

4. The dream of having my own walk-in closet that looks something like the one Mr. Big made for Carrie in Sex & the City:

 5. Kendi Everyday, which I discovered today thanks to Megan at Skinny Mirror!

Clearly, I've had houses and clothes on the brain today! Now, tell me what you're loving and link up with Jamie!


Kristen said...

love RUE!

Kelly said...

I've been thinking that for one of my birthday gifts I might ask for a subscription to Better Homes & Garden... and I've never had an interest really in home or design. Just to fun though! LOVE Carrie's closet... such a lucky girl ;-)

Miss Chelsea said...

Ooh I love those fabrics!

Holly said...

Kelly - I need a subscription to BH&G too! Even if you're not into home decor at least there are pretty pictures :)

Chelsea - I saw an ad in Rue magazine using these fabrics and it was stunning!

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