Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what-to-wear wednesday: mid-winter getaway

I've said and I'll say it again, I need a vacation baaaaaad (June can't come soon enough). Winter seems to drag on forever and a little mid-winter break helps to rejuvenate me. Or at least it did last year when Mr. Ritter and I jetted off to Cozumel, Mexico for a week for our belated honeymoon at the end of last February (if you didn't hear the story, here it is. And this one. And some photos.). I wish we were packing our bags right now to go back. Ugh.

While on our honeymoon, we met two lovely couples - one from Minnesota and one from Michigan. Our Michigan friends, Bethany and Luke, are lucky enough to be headed back to Mexico this month. I cannot put my jealousy into words. Anyway, Bethany asked me to put together a little What-to-Wear Wednesday to help her pack for her vacation. Here are a few of my mid-winter getaway must-pack pieces:

Bethany Going to Mexico

Take plenty of sundresses and clothing options in bright hues. Not only have these items been hiding all winter, but they are perfect for Mexico or any sunny, beach destination. Having been to Mexico in February, I know it can be windy and chilly at night, so pack a versatile cardigan that you can throw on over any of your outfits. The new knit cardigans from Old Navy are perfect because they are light, but cozy, and you can roll the sleeves up or down depending on the temperature. Also, pack a pair of jeans just in case. I find dark jeans are easiest to dress up or down. And don't over pack when it comes to shoes (the checked bag limit is 50 pounds, you know). Pack one pair of flip flops for the beach and sandals in neutral tones, like black and beige, that can be worn with multiple outfits.

Obviously, don't forget your sunglasses and swimsuit (and sunscreen!). Bethany is a blonde with fair skin, so, according to Yahoo!, she should wear swimsuits in shades of pinks/reds, blues, or greens, and avoid pastels. So I opted for a bright pink swimsuit for her.

I find it easier to pack when I know how I'm going to wear each piece of clothing I shove in my suitcase. It also helps me to not over pack. So here are a few outfit ideas for Bethany that I envision from these must-pack items:
Bethany Going to Mexico: Outfits

While Bethany is off flaunting these outfits in Mexico, I will be stuck in Ohio praying for temperatures to stay above freezing. Oh winter, why do you make me hate you so?


Special K said...

I LOVE your style! Thanks for introducing me to Polyvore! How fun! :)

Mateya said...

All cute outfits...and practical! I would wear each of those! So cute :)

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