Friday, March 25, 2011

30 for 30: pearly whites

{scarf: Target; belt: Forever 21}

I went to the dentist this morning, hence the close up. In my psychology classes, they use going to the dentist as an example of the avoidance-avoidance approach to conflict, which is a choice between two undesirable things: 1) going to the dentist and 2) having a toothache. But I friggin' love going to the dentist. I think it's more the oral surgeon people fear (at least in my case since I keep putting off getting my wisdom teeth out). Anyway, I love the feeling of my teeth after they have been professionally cleaned, polished and flossed. Who's with me?!

And today, besides the dentist, I am thankful for quiet Friday nights at home. I'm looking forward to getting a jump start on my weekend to-do list, or just curling up on the couch with Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner (our April book club book) or a movie and a bowl of popcorn. Which would you choose? But I can't forget to tune in at 9:30 to watch Ohio State take on the University of Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen. Go Bucks!

Happy Friday and weekend, lovies!


jessica said...

i'm not a fan of the dentist!! lol.. but i do love your scarf! :-)

hope you have a great weekend, and swap details will be coming soon!

T Bomb said...

That is a great book! I like the dentist and I'm with you, it's the oral surgeon I'm afraid of!

cal ;) said...

love love the cute up close picture - good one of you! i'm catching up on your blog right now, and i realized how much i've missed reading it! :)

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