Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 for 30 remix: itemized list

I was first introduced to the 30 for 30 Remix by Ashley at A Hasty Life. Then I stumbled upon Kendi at Kendi Everyday (isn't she chic and adorable?!), who wrote the book on remixing your closet (Literally, a book. It's only 15 pages, but it's packed with her best tips and tricks on remixing). A couple of weeks ago, my closet and I had a fight. We almost broke up, but then I decided to do the 30 for 30 Remix and we made up.

So here's the deal, 30 items of clothing, including shoes (not including camis (since I wear them like underwear), workout clothes, pjs, or coats), to create 30 outfits for 30 days. No shopping for those 30 days either. The challenge is to get you to see the items that you already own in a different way, and to start wearing them as such. Challenge accepted.

So here are the 30 27 items (who thought I would struggle to pick out 30 pieces of clothing) in my remix:

5 pairs of pants

2 dresses

2 skirts

5 pairs of shoes (TOMS not pictured, still en route)

No, I will not be wearing fur.

11 tops (one sweater from Forever 21 still en route)

2 jackets

Hopefully, I can choose three more items this week to add to my remix. Maybe another pair of shoes and a couple more tops? Or maybe another pair of dress pants since the majority of my outfits will be worn to work? I will post a picture of the remaining three items soon.

I hope you enjoy watching my remix progress over the next 30 days, and maybe you'll find some outfit inspiration along the way. Wish me luck!


Christina said...

how fun! i have that dress from target too.

Emily said...

Yay! I'm seriously so excited for this! Your have already had a big impact on the way I think about shopping and dressing so I can't imagine what I'll learn from this experiment!

Ashley said...

I love it... I need to do this with my closet and work in more scarfs and belts!
Blazers always look really cute yet sophisticated with things too, but I don't own one!
PS... I love MJR, if you ever want a browsing buddy, let me know! All of the necklaces I own are from there and half of my bathing suits!

Miss Chelsea said...

oops guess I shoulda read a few posts back & answered my own question! SORRY =)

I TOTALLY want to do thisssss!

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