Monday, March 28, 2011

30 for 30: waiting for spring

A seven-mile run set the tone for my Saturday. I felt amazing. Then I got my hair did - cut and color (to cover up those few pesky grays that seem to keep popping up). And Amy at Studio 605 curled my hair, which made me feel even more fabulous. As you may have noticed I rarely never curl my hair even though I have bought multiple products to do so. But those succulent waves may inspire me to experiment with a new 'do. That night, Mr. Ritter and I headed to a wine tasting benefit for Partners for Paws. I will always support animal shelters, and I will always rescue my pets. There are so many deserving animals who just need some love and a good home.

And on Saturday, I was thankful for Amy at Studio 605. She's adorable and amazing, and always makes me feel like a million bucks walking out of there with fabulous hair. If anyone lives in the New Albany area of Columbus and is looking for a new hair stylist, go see Amy. She's super affordable, too (hair cuts: $35; cut and color $85). You can "Like" Studio 605: Hairstyles by Amy B on Facebook.

I craved sweats pants and sweatshirts all weekend long. And because there are some items in my 30 for 30 that can't be worn due to the January-like temperatures we're experiencing in Columbus, I threw on my cozy Nike half-zip sweatshirt (and my favorite scarf) on Sunday for a day of shopping with Mr. Ritter. We scored some seriously amazing deals on some home goods this weekend. Both beds now have new comforter sets. More on that later.

On Sunday, I was thankful that I didn't have 30 items in my remix so that I could sport a cozy sweatshirt. I just have those days where I don't feel like getting dressed. Especially when it's only 35 degrees the last weekend of March. C'mon, spring!

I'm really diggin' this outfit. It's a great pick-me-up on a Monday when I just wanted to stay warm under the covers all day. Maybe all Mondays would be better if I rocked an awesome outfit. Do any of you purposefully wear a kick-@$$ get-up on Mondays to start your week off right?

Today, I am thankful for the sunshine. Even though it's deceptively chilly outside, the sun helps remind me that spring will come soon...I hope.


Mary/"Special K" said...

Love the hair, Holly!!

gina luv said...

so cute! i love all the colors:)

Stephanie the PW said...

Cute Cute CUTE ensembles, girl! LOve 'em!

I actually do try to pull off having a good Monday with a few tricks of my own - I've been known to sport the "power pony" on Mondays - that's what they call it around my office (the nice, high "bump" in front, pulled back into a tight, mid-height smooth pony tail.) my other trick is to try out a new eyeshadow technique or eye makeup look. Weird, I know, but I have an avon lady at work and she hooks me up with new eyeliners and what not :)

The tricks work more often than not! And I LOOOVE that green sweater, wow!

Shannon said... cute do you look? the answer? TOTES! love it!

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