Monday, April 18, 2011

30 for 30: what I learned & some tips

So, this post is a little (17 days) overdue, but who's counting? Better late than never, I suppose. I wasn't sure whether to tell you what I learned or give you some advice if you ever take the 30 for 30 Remix challenge (see Kendi's blog for details), so I'm doing both. And I'll keep it short - there are only 10.

1. Some seasons are tough to plan for (and spring is particularly difficult if you live in Ohio), so allow for flexibility. While you need 30 items, make sure you have a few back up items you can bring in off the bench, in case you aren't able to wear pieces you originally picked out due to weather.

2. Not every outfit will be your best outfit, but go with the flow. Whether or not you're sure of an outfit, wear it anyway just to see what happens.

3. Put items in your remix that you don't normally wear, or that still have the tags on them (guilty). It will force you to wear those pieces, and maybe even remind you why you bought them in the first place.

4. This challenge forces you to find new ways to wear clothes you already own. It gives you a new perspective on your closet, and maybe even a new appreciation for your style or taste in fashion.

5. This challenge helps you get a sense of what items you're lacking in your wardrobe. Throughout the challenge, make a list of items you wish you had that would pair well with items in your remix.

6. Utilize accessories. They instantly change the look and feel of any outfit.

7. Put items in your remix that can be layered with other items in your remix. I found this to be helpful, especially when I was used to wearing certain pieces certain ways. Just by layering, I was able to create a whole new outfit that I had never thought of before.

8. Let the creative juices flow. It's so fun to put together new outfits without having to spend money. Seriously, it is, I promise. I wore some outfits that I had never thought of before, and I loved them. And my creativity didn't stop at the end of the challenge. I am now more confident in putting together items that I already own in new ways.

9. Once you pick out your 30 items, make a list of potential outfits that you can wear during the challenge. Spend the afternoon in your bedroom trying on the endless possibilities. Heck, strut around model-style like no one's watching. Buy Kendi's $4 30 for 30 remix guide. It's full of worksheets and advice to help you get the most out of your remix.

10. Stick with it and have fun. Towards the end I got a little eager for it to be over, but it was at the end that I became even more creative without realizing it. You start throwing items on out of desperation and sometimes they just happen to look good together. Winning. It's only 30 days, you can do it.


Overall, I truly enjoyed the challenge of remixing my closet and wearing some items that I hadn't even taken the tags off of for months. Now, I'm realize how badly I need to clean out my closet, but that's another post. Thanks for sharing my first 30 for 30 Remix experience with me. I hope to do a remix once a season this year. We'll see if that happens. But I'm happy that I've stumbled upon some new outfits and ways of wearing things I already own. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge!


PrettyinPink said...
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Brittany said...

I have a hard enough time picking out 5 outfits for an entire week let alone 30 days. What a cool thing!! I enjoyed seeing all of your outfits!

Miss Chelsea said...

I loved seein your daily outfits! Thanks for sharing the tips

Stephanie the PW said...

You did such a fantastic job w/ the 30 for 30! :)

have a great week, hun!

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