Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so what wednesday

{via we heart it}

So What If...
  1. I haven't blogged in 14 days
  2. If the cheerleading video I created didn't work at the banquet
  3. I haven't run in the last two weeks
  4. I still haven't done the recap of my 30 for 30 Remix challenge
  5. I haven't read a blog in two weeks
  6. I haven't put the clothes from my remix away yet
  7. I've gotten up an hour after my alarm has gone off every day this week
  8. I procrastinate on homework
  9. I still haven't figured out how to make that cheerleading video work
  10. I got a $120 speeding ticket on Friday of last week for going 30 in a school zone
  11. I made it to my hometown in an hour this weekend (usually takes about an hour and 15/30)
  12. I just realized I forgot to send my blog swap partner a gift (I'm so sorry! I'll send it ASAP!)
  13. I haven't accepted the invite to join Pinterest that I received two weeks ago
  14. I submitted my personal statement and application for grad school the day it was due
  15. I'd rather be anywhere else but here

I apologize for being super absent for the past two weeks. I've been more stressed than ever in my life and have had so much on my mind that I've neglected a lot more than just my sweet ol' blog. I won't make any promises, but I'm hoping to get back to my regular daily blogging routine soon. I miss it. I miss all of you. Thanks for sticking this out with me.


Audra said...

Yikes. Sending you an e-hug from across campus! Hope things get better soon!

Miss Chelsea said...

Hope things calm down for you!! Just breathe

Stephanie the PW said...

Sounds like someone needs a girl's night or something! Take some time out to pamper yourself, hun :)

ANd I've been doing that whole sleeping one hour extra every single morning thing, too - people at work are like "what's up with you?" I'm frickin' sleepy! And I like sleeping while the birds are singing like crazy :)

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

thinking of you! let me know if you need anything. i feel your pain on the speeding ticket. hate school zones.

Brittany said...

Good luck with everything!! Just try to relax and remember to save some time for YOU!

emily said...

hope everything is going well. i've been in that crazy, stressed out time before.

and accept that pinterest invite! i put mine off for a while too, but it's the best thing ever.

Brittiny said...

If it makes you feel better I haven't blogged in nearly three months. :) I've still been reading yours though.

cal ;) said...

ummm, i haven't blogged or read blogs regularly since DECEMBER. you are far better than me!

ouch to that speeding ticket - my last one was $150, but i was going 77 in a 60, sooo...understandable.

have a great weekend!!

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