Friday, May 27, 2011

flashback friday: crawl for cancer

In preparation for the Crawl for Cancer in Columbus' Arena District tomorrow, I was reminiscing about our first crawl two years ago. This event is epic - an amazing fundraiser for cancer foundations, and the coming together of thousands of people around the city all for a great cause and some quality day-drinking with friends.

I was the team captain, so of course we had teal shirts. We creatively called ourselves Team Teal. Catchy, huh? This year, I opted for lime green shirts, just to switch it up. Our team name is the Brewsual Suspects. So if you've never done the crawl, here's how it works: You get a team of 10-12 friends, you get a list of 5 bars to go to, and you get 4 free pitchers of beer at each bar.

I don't even normally drink Coors Light (I'm a Bud Light kinda girl, but what's the difference, right?), but when it's free I'll drink just about anything. I remember the boys thinking that 4 pitchers wasn't going to be enough. But most of us could only remember what happened toward the end of the day by the pictures we'd taken. It's all in the name of cancer research, so the drunker the better, right? And you have to get your 40 bucks worth.

I'm sure tomorrow will be filled with compromising photos, inappropriate language/stick-figure drawings on t-shirts, and lots of hugging and dancing (maybe on tables until we get kicked off).

And it wouldn't be complete with a party foul...or seven.

This is going to be fantastic. Photos to come. Happy long, Memorial Day weekend, luvies!


Mateya said...

Great idea! Pub crawls are so fun :)

asj said...

hilarious and so much fun! I can't handle a lot of day drinking but every now and then it definitely makes for an interesting weekend! :)

Brittany said...

What fun!! Have a great time:)

Jill said...

I got your name for the flip flop swap, be on the lookout for a box from Nordstrom!!

ashley @ a {little} dash of ash said...

Great photos! :) ps. i had that color shirt two years ago too!!!

Anonymous said...

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