Thursday, June 9, 2011

what-to-wear wednesday (on thursday): beach vacation

Right now, my sister and her new husband are on a plane to Cabo. And, in three days, I'll be in a car with some fabulous friends on our way to a couples retreat in Myrtle Beach. Yeah, it's not Cabo, but we'll have a condo on the beach and week away from work. Everyone's a winner.

All week I've been debating what I should pack to wear on vacation. While I plan to spend the majority of my time poolside or on the beach with an adult beverage, we still have a few outings planned that will require appropriate clothing. So here's a little something I cooked up:

Bandeau swimsuit to avoid unsightly tan lines. Check. Old Navy flip flops. Check. Plenty of sundress and light tank tops, skirts and shorts. Check. Fun-colored jewelry and sunnies. Check. And an essential beach bag to carry sunscreen, mags/books, beverages, towel, etc. Checky McCheckerson. Now, if I could just snap my fingers and all this would pack itself that would be fab. A last-minute run to Target and Old Navy may be in the cards on Friday.

Typically when I pack, I roll my clothes in order to fit in more clothes and all my shoes that I will inevitably pack. Do you roll your clothes when you pack? I started doing it about three years ago, and because I don't mind wrinkles (which actually aren't that bad when I roll my duds), I keep doing it.

I also have this tendency to spend hours, yes, hours, packing. Anyone else? I feel the need to try things on and envision where I will wear said outfit on vacation. Am I totally weird? Either way, I'll still be on a beach in three days, suckas!


Kirby and Anna said...

Okay. You probably think I'm crazy, but I just have to tell you that I live in North Myrtle Beach. So your last post I commented about how I grew up in Canton, Ohio and now you are going to be near where I live now! Crazy. ;)

Enjoy yourself... it's beautiful down here! I'd love to hear about the couples retreat when you get back.

Lauren said...

I am definitely the same way when packing. I always get so worried that I'm going to forget something so I tend to overpack. Have fun at the beach! The water is perfect right now :)

Miss Chelsea said...

i HAVE to try everything on! ha

cal ;) said...

1. i always lay clothes completely flat, instead of folding or rolling. sometimes i roll tank tops, but that's just if i have extra space on top.
2. also, since i am so type-a, i make extremely detailed packing lists. i will share with you so you can see my craziness, but it leads to spending only 20 minutes total packing and NEVER forgetting anything. cha-ching!

xo, hope you had so much fun!

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