Friday, July 8, 2011

change for change

{isn't this video so inspiring? the world needs more people like Ashley}

Imagine what all that spare change hanging around in the bottom of your purse, jingling in your pocket, or filling up the top of your dresser could do for a few inner city high school students in Phoenix, AZ. That's exactly the vision the beautiful and inspiring Ashley @ The Shine Project had when she created the Change for Change challenge.

Ashley's goal is to raise $20,000, by the end of October 2011, for The Shine Project Scholarship Fund, which will give four students at Cesar Chavez High School in Phoenix scholarships towards their college education.

Today, I pledged to raise $100 for the scholarship fund. This weekend, I will be creating my change jars - one for home and one for the office - to collect leftover change over the next three months.

How can you get involved? I'm glad you asked. Contact Ashley and she'll send you tags to put on your change jar(s). It's that easy!

And mark your calendar for the celebration party in Phoenix, AZ in October!

Now, hand over your change, friends! We've got lives to change here!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

What a wonderful idea! This will truly be lifechanging for those students receiving the scholarship! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging all of us to make a difference.

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