Tuesday, July 26, 2011

happy birthday, mr. ritter

Happy birthday to:

the one who makes me laugh

the one who cleans our house

the one who loves me in the morning when my hair is a disaster

the one who accepts that I pee with the door open

the one who gets drunk and giggly with his friends

the one who talks/cheers/claps to the TV when a game is on

the one who has bought more TVs than I can count on one hand

the one who holds it all together

the one who is a great fur-baby dad

the one who keeps me sane

the one who I will spend the rest of my life with

the one I love


annahita said...

so sweet! happy birthday mr. ritter! :)

Mateya said...

So sweet...happy birthday to your hubby!

Ashley said...

too cute!! happy birthday!

Jenna said...

Awww! And he cleans the house too? What a keeper! Happy birthday to your husband!

Katie said...

happy birthday to your hubby!!!!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday!!

Emily said...

Aww! This was beautiful, Holly! Too bad the tribe couldn't bring home a win on his birthday!

Mary said...

Awww that's so sweet! Happy Birthday!!

jessica said...

happy birthday to the hubs! hope he had a great day!

cal ;) said...

this is super sweet!!

Steph @ Professors_Wife said...

Hold the PHONE... he CLEANS, too?!?!? awesome! I can't get the professor to do anything but watch sports and read, lol!

Hope his birthday was wonderful!

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