Monday, August 22, 2011

monday night football

It's beginning to look a lot like my favorite time of year.

Football season.

And it's Monday night, so this post seems appropriate. I felt it was about time I shared with you my fave teams and my football season musts.

First, I am a Browns fan. Always have been and always will be. Thanks, Dad. Even when they sucked - which has been as long as I can remember - and moved to Baltimore (note: I will NEVER be a Ravens fan) then came back a few years later.

I love me some Brownies - both edible and wearing brown and orange. The pre-season games I've watched have looked promising. I'm excited for our new coach and Colt McCoy at the helm on the field. And Hillis is the only Peyton we need (Thanks, Cal!) - and not just because we have a giant Fathead of him on our basement man cave wall or because he's on the cover of Madden '12. He is a beast. The end.

And I think it's unAmerican to live in Columbus - or the state of Ohio for that matter - and not be a Buckeye fan. O-H! Though we hit a few snags in the off-season and our beloved sweater-vest wearing coach resigned, I am not concerned about our team this year. Michigan still sucks and I'm still proud to bleed scarlet and gray. Plus, I'm pretty sure we're the best tailgaters in all of college football. That's the truth. 

So, here are my (and Shawn's) Top 5 football seasons musts:

1. Shawn MUST buy new team apparel. I'm not sure I'd call it a tradition so much as an obsession. But either way, he and I always end up with some sweet new gear. I've already received a new OSU tee and hoodie and my Browns t-shirt is on the way - all courtesy of the hubs! He treats me so well, doesn't he?

2. We MUST tailgate for at least one Buckeye game at Riverwatch (a huge party a local radio station hosts in a hotel parking lot near Ohio Stadium) and buy overpriced beers.

3. One of us (Shawn) or both MUST attend at least one game - either Browns or Buckeyes. This year, Shawn and I are headed to the Browns home/season opener.

4. We MUST devote each weekend to football. Seriously, Shawn gets pissy when there is something scheduled on a Buckeye Saturday or a Browns Sunday (i.e. my cousins wedding that he's trying to get out of)

5. We MUST play fantasy football. Shawn and his friends are so dedicated to their league that they now have a trophy, which they engrave each year with the winner's team name - which are mildly inappropriate depending on your definintion of inappropriate. And the winner gets to keep the trophy in their house for a year. We were so lucky the first year to have it in the man cave.

Since the boys kicked me and my BFF out of their league, we have started our own chicks-only fantasy football powder puff league - Touchdowns and Tiaras. My team name is Blitz and Glamour. I'm going to rock it. Our draft is Sunday, which means I need to pick Shawn's brain research potential players this week.

So, who are you rooting for this football season? Any football season traditions?


EZsx5 said...

I just had to tease that I live in Ohio and wouldn't root for the Buckeyes if someone paid me ;) We're actually from Michigan and live so close to the border that ionalmost doesn't count as OH. We're Spartans in our house and love all things green! Have fun this season...we're looking forward to it too! Sparty on!

Neely said...

Yall sound just like Chad and I! We devote every weekend to football(NCAA and NFL) and go to AT LEAST 2 games a year!(NFL) and 2-3 College!

Mary said...

I-O!!!! But...Go Steelers! LOL sorry, couldn't help it. At least we both agree that the Ravens suck. :)

Jessica said...

Aaahhh!!! I SO want to be in your draft!!! Reason number 1,376 why I need to move to Columbus!!!

annahita said...

love this. I can't wait for college football to start, DJ and I have a tradition of doing something else during the UF/SC game because it gets too heated if we watch together and we've come to realize it's not good for our marriage! ;)

Michael Westside said...

I've heard gingers have no soul. I think it was on youtube.

Ashley said...

you just got me so excited about football :) gooo bucks!!

Katie said...

I love this post! I'm a Bengals fan, but you know how I feel about my Buckeyes. All of us cbus bloggers definitely should all meet up to tailgate sometime!!!! :)

Sondre Lyn said...

So, I am a football fanatic and am so happy to find another! I actually made a rule that I don't invite women to my home for games unless they are really football fans because of a woman who talked to me through an ENTIRE Super Bowl. By the time she left, I was ready to physically hurt people! lol

Great blog! And War Damn Eagle! :D

cal ;) said...

haha, this post is fab!! i mayyy bring my blog back next week in honor of the gloriousness that is college football. gooo buckeyes! xo.

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