Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pin-pang, yin-yang


The hot, Ohio summer weather has given way to slightly cooler temperatures and lower humidity during the day, and chilly nights perfect for sleeping with the windows open. I've even used the defrost in my car the past two mornings!

So, I've got fall on the brain - and college football (Go Bucks!) and plans for my world domination. This week, I've been pinning trendy fall styles that I'm itching to make room for in my closet.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

After reviewing my pins, I have determined that mixing feminine (dresses, pumps, flowy shirts, dainty duds, etc.) and masculine (boots, chunky sweaters and scarves, button downs, etc.) pieces is the yin-yang of fashion. Other famous yin-yangs include Sonny and Cher, Laverne and Shirley, Tom and Jerry, pickles and ice, wait. How'd that get there? Where am I?

So what did you pin this week? Link up with Michele @ The Vintage Apple to share!


Nicole said...

Love all these outfits. Bring on fall!

Michael Westside said...

I'd try to pick up every single one of those girls, except the one that looks like a teacher. Sometimes i wish I was a girl myself just so that i could wear different outfits and accessorize and all that fun stuff. But, since i'm a guy, i'm stuck with jeans and different colored shirts

Shannon Dew said...

Oh Kendi Everyday, how I love her! I just tweeted about her too. Love her style! And I have most of these outfits pinned too, imagine that!

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