Friday, September 16, 2011

fashion friday: top 10 for fall

I've been in a fashion rut lately. Every morning I wake up and stand in front of my closet for what seems like hours, thinking "I have nothing to wear" - despite the fact that my closet is still packed full even though I just cleaned it out! I wish it was socially acceptable to wear sweatpants to work. I swear I'd put on my best t-shirt just to keep some class.

So I put together a lil Top 10 for Fall action to help motivate me out of sweatpants and out of my fashion funk. And help remind me that I do have some desire to be stylish once in awhile.

All of these can be found at one of my favorite shopping haunts: Old Navy. I can and will put a price on fashion and that's cheap without skimping on quality.

1. Denim shirt: Wear to work, to happy hour, on a date, everyday. I've seen so many chic ways to style it, but I haven't attempted fate yet.

2. Maxi skirt: Interested to see how I could pull this off.

3. Flowy blouse with tie: Perfect for work or a night out. There's just something so simply and elegant about it.

4. Booties: Versatile with a dress, skirt or skinnies.

5. Military-inspired vest: I cannot explain my attraction to this piece, but I have a few outfits in the hopper that I'm dying to try with this - think masculinity meets femininity.

6. Riding boot: Again, masculine meets feminine. Love these with skinnies and an oversized sweater or cardigan.

7. Boyfriend tee: Besides sweatpants, I could live in a t-shirt and jeans. There are so many ways to turn a simple tee into a style statement and stay comfy while you're at it. And, as you know, I'm all about comfy chic style.

8. Anything striped: They are just trendy. Mix multiple striped pieces or mix stripes with other patterns. You can't go wrong.

9. Wide-leg/trouser jeans: These are the epitome of comfy chic. I prefer a dark wash which adds just a little bit more class. But I am not classy - at least not the too-good for everyone, nose in the air kind of classy. I'm a keep it real kind of classy.

10. Polka dots: I really don't know why they are called polka dots. Maybe they know how to dance? But the polka does not resemble dots at all. But I could be wrong. Anywhoodle - just like stripes, dots are in. They just are. Get some.

Woot! I love fall fashion. Looking at this list, I already own numbers 1, 5, 7, 8, and 9. Maybe I do have clothes to wear?! It's a miracle! Now, I will go find inspiration on Pinterest of ways to wear my trendy duds.

Adios amigos! TGIF!


Kori Donahue said...

Great pics honey!!!! Thanks for linking up today with the new button! Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

Neely said...

I love riding boots! You should link this up for the fall challenge clothes day!!

lori said...

i love every single one of the pieces. i am going to old navy tomorrow and i am really excited to get some fall pieces! :)

Bestie said...

perfect choices. i am into the polka dots, in fact just got a steal of a deal last week

happy friday!

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