Thursday, September 15, 2011

it's ok

Its Ok Thursdays

Doesn't this link up with Neely and Amber just make Thursdays better? I think so. And it's my blog, so only  my opinion matters here. JK. But seriously.

So this week I think it's perfectly acceptable:

To wear the same pair of sweatpants to bed, to walk the dog, to bed, to cheer practice, to bed, to class and most likely to bed again tonight.


To need a looooooooooooooooooooong vacation


To argue with your spouse about the fact that he has to come to a wedding on Saturday even though there is an Ohio State game on that day. Don't worry, we'll find somewhere to watch it! Wedding is at 3:30, game is at 8 - plenty of time to steal away to a bar.


To have bad days. But it's NOT OK to take your bad day out on someone else.


To tell it like it is.


To not understand why high schoolers chat "swag" and names of clothing stores at football games.


To be an overachiever.


To give your husband your car with little gas in it. Sorry, babe. Add that to my "bad wife" list.


To be excited to drive my new car every chance I get.


To promote a blog giveaway just for extra entries! Head on over to Julie's blog and enter to win a super cute monogrammed wreath from Embellished Living! I've been pinning these wreaths like a mad woman on Pinterest. I NEED one.


Destiny said...

A long vacation would be total fucking bliss right now.

Ashley said...

We have a wedding this weekend too, but doesnt start til 5 ... so prob be missing much of the game :(

Michael Westside said...

I... Uh... What?

Neely said...

Thank you for always linking up friend :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

Thanks for the love Holly!

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