Wednesday, September 14, 2011

so what

So what if...
My closet has vomited all over the spare bed. Or that I still haven't put away the clothes basket that Shawn so lovingly dumped on the bed for me. Or that the one basket is now two. 


If I eat Ramen Noodles every day for lunch. They are $.15 or something stupid cheap like that. Someone actually complimented about how delicious it smelled today. Booyah!


If I'm already thinking about Halloween decor. Though I am always so torn between fall and Halloween decor. I think Halloween stuff is more fun, so it wins.


If my dad took all my credit cards and shredded them...all 10 of them (that's a bit redic, no?) They are paid off! Well, all but my Old Navy one, which I'm working on. Paid off half of it this month. Feel so relieved to be credit card debt free! 


If I still consult my dad for financial advice. He's a frugal super savvy saving accountant machine. And he forces me (at finger-gun point) to hand over my credit cards. Probably one of the smartest decision I've ever made.


If I'm on my way to racking up over $30,000 in grad school debt. It will be worth it, RIGHT?!


If money was mentioned in four, now five, out six, now seven, "so what" nuggets. Money is the root of all evil in this world - but I'll spare you for now and stay off my soapbox.
Make it rain.

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asj said...

congrats on being (almost) debt free, I'm jealous! we're getting there...

..and now thanks to you - I'm having ramen noodles for dinner. I LOVE them too and I saw them this morning when I was making coffee and got a craving, after reading this - it's on! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

I love that you finished up with "make it rain" hahah. Way to go on paying off your cards! I'd totally eat Raman everyday if i trusted the stove here at work, but its from like 1972 and scares me. Can you microwave it?? (Is that a really dumb question? hah)

Shannon said...

Ramen is so good! My dad bought me a recipe book of 101 things to do with Ramen and well...let's just say some things are better left alone.

Ashley said...

I loveee ramen noodles SOO yum. My fav is the oriental flavor :)

Fash Boulevard said...

i need to do this to. you've inspired me. roman noodles it is. lol. super glad i found your blog. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. Thanks love. xoxo

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