Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what we wore for halloween

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

I'm not big on traditions. There are few things that I am sure to do each year, for traditions sake. My list of traditions includes going to Put-in-Bay with my lady friends, going to the eye doctor and gyno (What? I go once every year. It's my personal health tradition), and attending my friends' annual birthday/Halloween party.

Here's how the Mr. and I have rolled up to the party in year's past:

First year

Second year

Third year
(noticing a pattern with Shawn?)

Fourth year
Shawn decided it was time to switch up his costume. We bought this mask at Meijer for $12 the day of the party.
Fifth year
Who's the sexy cow now?

One of my favorite things is challenging myself to create a costume out of stuff that I already own. Over the years I've realized how much random crap I actually have in my closets and dressers and in plastic tubs under the bed.

One tradition I would like to start is pumpkin carving with the Mr. I mean we are married and isn't that what married couples (and couples who have been together FOREVER) do? Maybe if I tell him that my pumpkin carving skills are better than his, he'll accept the challenge and BAM! our tradition will begin. Or I could just buy two pumpkins and threaten him with a crappy carving tool. I'm leaning toward the latter.


Audra said...

I'm trying to think of a creative costume too. I keep circling around being an oven (aka bun in the oven, get it? Ha) or a pregnant nun. Too much?

Katie said...

HAHAHA this cracks me up! I love that he was a cow for so many yrs. Billy has been Spiderman for let's say...8 yrs now. He won't switch. I may just hide it and pretend he lost it. I'm that desperate for him to switch!

Holly said...

Yes, to the bun in the oven. I've seen it done before and it was so cute. The dad dressed up like a chef..hehe!

And a pregnant nun is also totally acceptable!!

Kendra said...

I love your costumes, and I love the repetition of the cow costume!!

Meggie said...

Linking up from Brunch with Amber!!

I love your pictures! Mooo-ve over Shawn, someone else wears the utters in this family!

Caitlin said...

Hahahah I used to work at a summer camp and one year my brother was the cow.... so I was the cow that year at camp... great costume!!

This year I want to be a lifeguard (not a "Sexy" life guard haha) I want to wear a one piece life guard suit carry around a life saver and blow my whistle all night at people bahah I love halloween!

Neely said...

Love them all :)

Miss C.S. said...


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