Thursday, October 27, 2011

it's ok

Its Ok Thursdays

Happy rainy, cold, windy Thursday, doll faces!

Usually, I love Thursdays because it's the day before Friday and the gatekeeper to the weekend, but today I'm a bit of a hot mess disguised as a cool cucumber because I have my first grad school test tonight, and my mind is racing with counseling theories! Seven chapters worth to be exact. Keeping my fingers crossed that I won't totally blank out when the test gets in front of me. Say a little prayer, won't you? I don't know why I put so much pressure on myself about these things. Guess it's my M.O.

But anywho...

It's OK...

To have only studied for said grad school test for 4 hours last night (did I mention cramming is my M.O. too?)

To have taken over an hour to convince myself to order boots from (I will reveal what I got soon!) Srrsly, what is wrong with me?

To still have not decided on a Halloween costume

To be indecisive. Can I get an amen?!

To have not attended my book club meetings for at least three months (sorry, ladies!)

To be in a book club

To have let my fake nails grow out for over a month, yet still keep painting them along with the grown out real nail just to try to blend it all in. I haven't had time to go get them filled/redone, but I think Saturday may be the day, I hope!

To quote "The Crazy, Nastyass Honey Badger" with my hubby almost every night (if you haven't seen this YouTube video, watch it.)

To not have purchased any Halloween candy (we don't get trick-or-treaters. sad face.)

To hate ironing so much that you avoid wearing 25% of your wardrobe. Anyone else with me? Bueller?

To really want a spray tan so I won't look like a ghost in the Halloween costume I eventually choose to wear (wait!...maybe I don't need a costume)

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Anonymous said...

God Luck on your test!! :)

Caitlin O. said...

I quoted Honey Badger at lunch!

Happy Thursday =)

Carolyn said...

Oh I HATE ironing! :) And I quote honey badger with my hubby too! :)

Whitney said...

What are you getting your master's degree in? Counseling? I'm getting ready to graduate with my master's in Counseling this December. I haven't chose a Halloween costume either!

Chelsea said...

I can't believe I am just NOW finding your blog but the good thing is that I'm here now finally and I LOVE it! I can often be the most indecisive person in the world so it's okay. I probably would have just had to buy all three pairs of those boots. Kidding... kind of :)

For some reason ironing can be my therapy! Weird, I know.

Nikki said...

You've inspired me to put all sorts of things from Urbanog on my Christmas list. Brandon thanks you haha

EZsx5 said...

The honey badger doesn't give a shit! We quote that video all the time too. Hilarious!

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