Tuesday, October 4, 2011

when i think about you i touch myself

That's right. I'm talking to you, breast cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So many women, families and friends have had their lives changed forever when they or a loved one was diagnosed with this hellish disease. Some women have fought and lost. Some have fought and won. But all have fought. Fought like a girl. Fought long and hard. Fought like hell.

Breast cancer has touched my family, as I'm sure it has touched many of yours. My aunt Lynn, my dad's oldest sister, had breast cancer and won. I don't remember her having it, so I was either too little or not born (she's about 15+ years older than my dad - he has eight brothers and sisters!). But I think about her every time my gyno asks if I have a family history of breast cancer.

Recently, a sorority sister of mine was diagnosed at the young age of 26. I have never seen a stronger woman battle this disease. Tessa rocked her chemo and is determined to win this fight. You can read all about her journey on her blog, Cancer is not the Breast.

My mom also told me recently that she had an aunt die from breast cancer. My mom never got to meet her. My mom has had cancer scares due to two precancerous moles, which she has had successfully removed. My mom and sister both have had cysts in their breasts. So when I felt something funky in my right breast three weeks ago, I didn't want to make a big deal about it. I told my mom, who I knew was going to worry, and she encouraged me to make an appointment with my gyno to have it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago, and she scheduled a breast ultrasound for the next week. I was trying to be all ho-hum about it because I wanted to keep my mom, and myself, calm. I didn't want to get all stressed out before it was really necessary, but the truth is, I lost a little sleep over it. I would lay in bed and just feel that pea-sized lump thinking "what if." But I tried not to let my worry show to anyone else.

Last Thursday morning, I had my ultrasound. My heart was beating out of my chest as I walked in. Everyone was so friendly, which helped to put me at a little ease. The waiting room was crowded. I was by far the youngest person in there. God, I pray those women were just there for their annual mammogram. I will never know. When my name was called, I was greeted by a technician who very nice and made me feel comfortable. I layed down and she lubed me up for the ultrasound. She had a difficult time finding the lump because it was pretty deep in there. She took a few pictures and took them to the radiologist. A few minutes later she returned with the radiologist (who was probably mid- to late-thirties and, of course, attractive in his scrubs and wire-rimmed glasses. In a geeky, hot doctor kind of way). He asked to feel around and perform the scan himself. Well, I was already laying there, boobs out, so I said "sure, why not."

Good news, though he did feel the spot I pointed out, he said the scans looked normal and from what he could tell, I was feeling a pocket of natural fatty breast tissue in between muscle fibers, or some jargon like that. Insert sigh of relief. Never once did they make me feel silly for coming in, which I was nervous about for some reason. I mean, I'm no expert on breasts, but something felt different and the left one didn't have it. So it immediately piqued my interest.

It was worth it. To have that reassurance. Now, my gyno just wants to see me in two to three months for another breast exam to make sure everything is still normal. One can never be too cautious. Please, do not be too cautious when it comes to your health. I mean, you don't have to go all hypochondriac or anything, but if you notice even a slight abnormality, it's worth having checked out.

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So, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and all the women who have fought this disease, touch yourself. Give your girls/melons/titties/fun bags a good squeeze. Poke around those ta-tas. Think pink, ladies. It could save your life.


Katie said...

Wow, good for you to go get the spot checked out. That is really scary with your moms and sisters experiences..I wish you would've told me! I could've tried to ease your stress (somehow) haha I'm so glad it is looking normal as of now. I posted about this today too :)

lori said...

my mom actually is a breast cancer survivor... and im really scared i will have it one day, too. and youre right, better safe than sorry!

i was just reading your sorority sister's blog- she is incredible! what a great attitude. i will be praying for her!

Ashley said...

So first off, My husband totally thought I was reading something dirty when he read the title of this... lol

But thanks for posting & reminding everyone! Sorry you went through such a scare. I'm glad it's ended up looking normal! This topic hits close to home for SO many and it's good to have a reminder to do our own checks, as well as to not feel silly for getting scared over "nothing."

I'll say a special prayer for you & your sorority sister!

cal ;) said...

smart girl, going to get that lump checked out. that's how tessa caught hers, and thank god she found it early. xo. :)

p.s. i will now commence to my monthly stalking of your blog.

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

such an inspiring post, thanks so much for sharing it with us! it is so important to stay informed about this horrible disease!


Fashion Fractions

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