Monday, November 28, 2011

make it my own monday

Mondays come so fast, even with a long holiday weekend! Sheesh!

And it may be cold, rainy and all-around disgusting weather up in here today, but Monday means another MiMO outfit reveal and that is always exciting. At least for me. And Chelsea when she remembers...

This was last week's Make It My Own Monday inspiration outfit:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

In case you're new to MiMO Monday, Miss Chelsea and I pick an inspiration outfit from the slew of outfits we've pinned on Pinterest and just make the outfit our own, using the clothes we already have in our closets.

This is what I wore:

Striped shirt: Walmart (for $1!)
Leggings: JC Penney
Scarf: Target
Belt: Old Navy
Socks (you can barely see them peeking out of the top of my boots): gift from Miss Chelsea

I wore this to Thanksgiving at my parent's house. The leggings were perfect for extra eating room, the shirt had an empire waist that hid turkey bloat, and the scarf helped hide turkey bloat too and kept me warm. And the boots are just the!

Check out Miss Chelsea's outfit!

I have always been iffy about tucking in a scarf, but I went for it. It wasn't that bad actually, though I thought the scarf was a wee too long, but whatevs. Don't know until you try, and I'm all about trying most things at least once. Most things that are legal that is, and maybe or maybe not a few that aren't. I plead the fifth.

Did you play along with Chelsea and I and take the MiMO Monday challenge? If so, link up below! If not, shame on you! Just kidding, but seriously it's a great way to actually try some of those outfits you've pinned and find new ways to wear clothes that have been in your closet for awhile.

This week, Chelsea and I have decided to try something new with MiMO Monday to see if more of you will play along. This week, choose your own inspiration outfit, wear it, then link up with us next Monday, Dec. 5!

Now, I need YOUR help!

I've chosen three outfits below, but I can't decide which one to pick for my challenge outfit this week.

Leave a comment, and let me know which outfit you think I should tackle this week!

And don't forget to choose your own outfit and show us how you made it your own next Monday!

Hope the first day of your week is starting off swell!

P.S. Columbus Bloggers: Our meet up is this Saturday, Dec. 3 at 6 p.m. at Claddagh at Polaris. Leave a comment if you're interested in joining us and I'll send you an invite! Make sure you leave your email address if it's not connected to your blogger profile.


Carolyn said...

I love the second look! :)

I felt like my scarf was too long too... love the outfit though!

Megan Robideau said...

I like the second or third look :) Can't wait to see you this week! Twice!!! WOO! :)

Jax said...

Go with the third look! So many ways to play with that, especially as it gets colder!

Jenny said...

I like the 3rd look. I really look forward to your posts with your outfits, you always pull them off fabulously! See you on Saturday!

sarah said...

i like the second and third looks best! and i love having the option for this week:)

Ashley said...

u are too cute! love the outfit!

cal ;) said...

outfit #3!!!!!

Mary said...

The second or third!

Anonymous said...

I like the sweater dress! I'm going to attempt to do this MiMo this week! We'll see!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I love what you did with your outfit!! Super cute scarf!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Ooooo LOVE your outfit!!!!!

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