Tuesday, January 24, 2012

color crush: cobalt

What's up, lover puffs?

Are you a creature of habit?
I think we all are to some extent - others maybe to a larger extent. I get it, change can be scary. 
But in this instance, I wanna know if you're a creature of color habits. 
As in, you gravitate towards the same, safe color {ahem, black} while shopping and hence, your closet is a few colors short of a rainbow?
Does every room in your house use the same color, or lack of color, palette?

I organize my closet in rainbow fashion {I see a post in my future!}, so it's easy for me to see what colors I'm clearly loving and clearly lacking.
In our mini house condo, I have made a concerted effort to use a variety of colors and styles in each room {can you smell another post? Me too.}.

But there is one trendy color I am both loving and lacking in my rainbow closet, which unfortunately does not come with a pot of gold {although I haven't looked through Shawn's end of the closet in awhile. Could he be holding out on me?! The nerve!}, and our mini house condo {though I think our couch pillows may have a hint of this hue}:


Source: jcrew.com via Holly on Pinterest

Source: us.asos.com via Holly on Pinterest

Source: amazon.com via Holly on Pinterest

Source: shopbop.com via Holly on Pinterest

Wanna hear read something funny?
In high school, I NEVER wore blue shirts with jeans.
Weird, right?
I was so worried that the blues would clash, so I shied away from blue clothes for a long time.
Seriously, until the end of college. Maybe even after college.
I have since dominated this fashion fear, but I still REFUSE to eat or drink anything blue {insert creepy crawly dance/shudder}.
Yep, I'm still weird.

But cobalt is cool!
How would/are you rock/rocking it?



CALLIE said...

So So funny!! I used to be the same way about blue with blue jeans. Maybe I still am a bit, now that I think about it. There's not much blue in my closet ha!

Cobalt is one of my favorite colors! Love the painted wall.

Shannon Dew said...

I was wondering why my Pinterest was full of blue today!

Carolyn said...

Oh I love cobalt!!! And that rug! SO PRETTY!!!!!

~Katie said...

Just bought a cobalt colored cardigan this weekend! Absolutely loving this color for spring!

Shane said...

I was the exact same way about jeans with blue shirts! I was just about to do my pinteresting wednesday on cobalt, great color!

xo Shane

lori said...

i love cobalt... i got a super cute cobalt dress at old navy recently and i LOVE it. and i have a hard time wearing a blue top with jeans, its just kinda drab i feel.

Alicia {to columbus & beyond} said...

I love this color!!! And that fabric.. soo pretty!!!

tara said...

i have some cobalt skinnies and i loooooove them!

Anonymous said...

Cobalt blue is "my" color. I get so many compliments when I wear it, but I have hardly anything in that color now. I really should get on that!

Cassie said...

I only have two things that are this color and I hardly ever wear them! I am not sure why either!? I love it!

The Morrows said...

LOVE cobalt.
I def would and should wear it. I may go shopping this week for something cobalt, who knows?

Megan O'Dell said...

I love cobalt!

Leslie said...

Cobalt was my main wedding color!!!

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