Thursday, January 5, 2012

epic first post of the new year

Happy {belated} New Years, lover pantses.

I have been wracking my brain to come up with an epic first post of the new year.
And in true Holly overthinking fashion, I have thought all of my creative ideas right out of my own head.
For the past 5 days.

I totally meant to get out of this "first post of the new year" funk yesterday by sharing phenom Pinterest pins, and linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple, but alas, life happened and blogging didn't.
Well, I tried to blog at 11 p.m. and then the laptop died, so I chalked it up as a loss.

But today is a new day and different story.
I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for 2012's first "It's OK Thursday" link up.
Prepare to have your mind blown.

It's OK...

To have completely over-thought my first post of the new year...for 5 days.

To already have tight traps from work stress after only three days back.

To explore a vegetarian lifestyle (with the help of Katie).

To be in love with my iPhone. Now I know what I was missing.

To not have washed the outside of my new car since I got it in early September.

To be pee-my-pants excited to hang with some fab blogger-turned-real-life friends this weekend. And of course see Michael Stagliano in concert at the Scarlet and Gray Café.

To want to live in the $8 leggings I got at Wal-Mart.

To refuse to make any more New Years resolutions. Instead I set attainable goals.

To be determined to stick to my New Years goals. For realllzzzz.

To be really excited about a product that should be arriving at mi casa any day now for me to use and review.
Stay tuned!

You were blown away weren't you. Ha!
I don't lie.
On purpose.
Unless it's a surprise.

Happy Friday Eve!



Carolyn said...

I got leggings at Target for like $6 on sale, and I LOVE them. LOL So jealous about this weekend!!

Bethany said...

If you find any yummy vegetarian recipes, you should share! This is a great first post for the year :)

Ashley said...

New follower. I don't think that your post was bad at all! I also don't think its terrible to have no washed your car in that long because I honestly don't think my poor car has been washed in a looooong time...possibly a year or more... ouch.

Syndal said...

Michael Stagliano?! is he in a band or something? I loved him-hated how hung up he was on that girl!

lori said...

i havent washed my car since i got it in august. maybe this weekend? it needs to happen.

have fun with your blogger friends!!

Stephanie said...

can we be best friends? I feel like I was nodding my head to every single thing you just listed.

...except the Michael Stag comment because clearly I wouldn't be attending that shindig. Damn...why does TX have to be so far from OH??!!

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