Friday, January 20, 2012

five things you must...{save}

Allow me to point out the obvious...
Thank you.

I mentioned yesterday {and probably before that...maybe} that Shawn and I are in super saver mode.
Desperate times call for cray cray measures, my friends.
Apparently you can't buy a house with your good looks. Who knew.

 So, because thinking about how much money we'll need for a down payment might drive me to drink, let's have some fun at the expense of this saving theme.

Here are five things you must save:

#1. Money

{isn't this a fun "piggy" bank?!}

Let's just agree that this is a necessary evil.
But know what you're saving for.
Whether you're trying to buy a house, a car, a new pair of running shoes, or a Chipotle franchise {oh, that's just me?}, have a goal. It will help you keep your eye on the prize, and your moolah in the bank rather than buying yet another top you probably don't need {if we're being honest}.

#2. Receipts
Source: via Holly on Pinterest

If you're like me, then you have clothes in your closet that still have the tags on them. Oh, the shame!
Until you have worn or used something, don't throw away the receipt!
Most stores will take items back with a receipt for at least store credit even after the allowable return window.
But make sure you have an organized method for saving receipts, because if you lose them, well then what's the point?

#3. Memories

Good or bad, they are a part of you and have helped shape who you are today.
Pictures, letters, cards, emails, videos, voicemails.
Find a way to organize them. You never know when you'll need a good laugh or a humble reminder.

#4. Lives

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Give blood.
Be an organ donor.
Adopt a child.
Rescue an animal.
Donate to charity.
Volunteer your time.
No matter what you do, pay it forward.
You may never meet the person who receives your blood, see the smile you bring to a family in need, or hear the words "thank you" from your dog, but you will feel the joy of your good deed in your heart.
And that should always be enough.

#5. Time for You

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

I'm busy. You're busy. Everyone is busy.
In the chaotic schedules we keep, it's easy to lose our sanity.
Be sure to plan time for yourself. Even if it's just 20 minutes a day or one day a month.
Allow yourself some well-deserved alone time.
Read a book. Get a mani/pedi. Go shopping. Dance in your underwear. Find your sanity.
Go nuts.

Certainly, there are lots of things one can save. But let's not turn this into a hoarding situation, OK?
Know when to purge {I feel another five things post coming...}
Speaking of hoarding, have you ever watched those shows?! It's rather appalling and intriguing if you're a mental health junkie, like me.
But I digress.

Happy weekend, doll faces!
This weekend, I will be celebrating the short life of my best friend's baby boy, hanging with some fab bloggers including finally meeting Aly!, and hitting the books.

Make It My Own Monday will be back next week!
So find some inspiration on Pinterest, get dressed, snaps some pics of your sweet duds and link up with Miss Chelsea and I on Monday!

Toodles :)



CALLIE said...

Love this list and the last is the most important and someting I never do for myself!

I'm a new follower :) Can't wait to get reading.

Alicia {to columbus & beyond} said...

Enjoy your weekend! :) I will miss you dearly.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Love this list!!! Have a fun weekend!! Give Aly an extra hug for me!

KatyK said...

These are all important things to save...can't tell you how sad I feel for customers wutbout receipts. Im also thinking about adopting a kitty for Boomer and me!

KatyK said...

These are all important things to save...can't tell you how sad I feel for customers wutbout receipts. Im also thinking about adopting a kitty for Boomer and me!

Erin said...

great post love with lots of good points. Sending good money fortune your way ;) Happy weekend!

Neely said...

Love this and totes agree about receipts!

Impulsive Addict said...

I love the date box thingy. I'm pretty sure I pinned it a couple weeks ago.

Have a great weekend!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Aww, that picture of the dog with the vet is so, so sweet!

I sooooo enjoyed meeting you this weekend! Had a GREAT time!!! We'll have to get together again, soon .... exclusively with bloggers, only! Ha! :)

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