Friday, January 13, 2012

five things you must...{wear}

It's Friday the 13th!
Did all you superstitious people stay in bed and pretend today didn't happen?
I'm sure somewhere someone is doing that. Weird.

I am typically in a great mood, but I get GIDDY on Fridays.
Like dance in my undies like no one is watching giddy.
Yes, I dance in my undies. Almost daily while getting ready. Even without music.
That might not be the best visual for a Friday. Sorry. I'm not sorry.

This weekend however I will be dancing. To actual music.
It's Alicia's birthday celebration on Saturday! Woop, woop!
Which means I get to see my Cbus blogger loves {insert more wooping!}
And Shawn and I are hitting up Beerfest at the Columbus Convention Center on Saturday too.

Anywhoodle, last week I loved linking up with Erin for a five things post.
So before I hightail it into the weekend, here are five things you must {try to} wear:
{at least just try them on in the dressing room and humor me :)}

#1. Colored skinnies

I haven't found a pair that fits the way I want, but I am jonesin' for a pair despite the fact that Shawn thinks they are strange, and points out every person wearing red skinnies, saying, "hey, there are your pants!"
If I took his fashion advice I would only wear jeans, tennies and team apparel.

#2. Emerald Green

I am in LOVE with this color for winter right now.
Bright, but not obnoxious for winter.

#3. Colored/patterned/textured tights or leggings

See, aren't they fun?!
Don't just let your gams do all the walkin'. Let them do the talkin' once in awhile.

#4. Faux Fur Vest

Whatdoyasay we embrace our wild side a little?!
I am still in search of the perfect faux fur vest.

#5. Oversized Sweaters

Haven't I told you I love being comfy?
Well, I love being comfy.
What's more comfortable than an oversized, chunky sweater?
Oh, sweatpants? Word.
But when I'm not wearing sweatpants, I love to throw on a cozy sweater with some leggings and boots and call it an outfit. Because that's how I roll. So does the girl in that picture. We're practically besties.

I know some of these things aren't for everyone, but I hope that you take a few risks with your clothing, you crazy cats. It's fun to try new things. Unless of course you hate trying new things.

 Have a great weekend, love bugs!



sarah said...

i'll take one (or ten) of each please and thankyou :)

Fierce Fabulous Fit said...

Girl, I am so with you on grabbing an oversized sweater, leggings and boots = outfit!! I have 2 pairs of colored skinnies from H&M. You might like those. I have them on my blog... an orange pair and a white pair. :)

Have a great weekend!

Alana Christine said...

Gah, I'm such a chicken! The only outfit I think I could get away with is the oversized sweater.
BUT...maybe I'll convince myself to try the others : )

Alicia {to columbus & beyond} said...

Shawn would have had a field day with me @ the concert :) You do need a pair!! Forever 21 has a TON right now, I will gladly accompany you on a shopping trip and with a price like 20 or less, Shawn can't get mad about it! :)

Miss Chelsea said...

I love all of these! Esp the last 2

lori said...

i love all of your picks! i am in search of the perfect faux fur vest and i am LOVING emerald green... great choices :)

KatyK said...

Well when you and Alicia are ready for your shopping trip come see me. We have a TON of colored skinnies. Im planning on pair of yellow onez for myself! Tights are such an easy, inexpensive way to add flair to an outfit, which my mother has been telling me for years. I should listen to her more.

Anonymous said...

Love the list!! I want one...or two...of each!

Erin said...

Great idea :) loved number 1 and 2....cute cute. Now I need to get the nerve for some colored skinnies! Happy weekend love!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love emerald green and those leggings!! Hope you have fun tonight!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

leggings and boots are my BEST friend! Oversized sweaters don't look that good on me because I don't need to oversize anything up there!!

And sweatpants? I wish I could wear them everyday!

Ashley said...

LOVE colored denim and fair isles print! this is the second time this week i've seen that pic of kate it!

Carolyn said...

I love all of these! :)

Ashley B. said...

Well I have done 2 out of the 4....

I will try on some colored skinnies for u... Not sure how these legs will look though!!


Not sure if i am furr girl but my roomie has lots to borrow... so will test it out!!!

Cute post lady!!

Katie said...

greeeeeeeen = love! agree! we need to find you a pair of colored skinnies darling. Maybe we could all do a big shopping trip..I'm sure we could do serious damage!! love your scarf post too :)

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