Friday, January 6, 2012

five things

I left you a little, OK probably a lot, heavy hearted this morning and I felt guilty.

I can't send you off into the weekend like that.
But I had to get that off my chest.
You understand.

Anywho, I noticed a little link up action over on Erin's blog {Living in Yellow}and I wanted to play along.

Here are 5 things you must buy:

#1. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes
I wish I had before and after-only-one-use photos to show you, but alas, blog fail.
Seriously, these bad boys work. 
And they don't leave you orange. And they don't streak.
And they work after just one application.
I typically use them after getting out of the shower at night, so that I can let their goodness soak into my skin overnight.
And voilá, I'm tanner in the morning. It's not drastic, but it's noticeable.And after just two uses, it's even better.
Getcha some.

#2. Rosa di Rosa
Best sweet red wine there is.
I first tried this at the Wine Guy Wine Shop. Phenom.
Get your classy drink on. And thank me later.

#3. Koppen Women's Reversible Fleece
I too was skeptical to venture away from the beloved North Face, but lemme tell ya, this fleece jacket rocks.
And it was hella cheaper than the North Face, which is a bonus when you're low on funds, or feel bad making your mom buy it for you for Christmas.

#4. St. Ives Daily Hydrating Vitamin E body lotion
I don't know about you, but I get wicked dry skin during the winter. Especially under my arm pits. Weird, right?!
This lotion is a gift from heaven itself!
I was about the shell out big bucks for lotion, but found this in the nick of time.
It's the
I use it daily to ward off my alligator skin. Because that's just not sexy.
And I'm all about sex appeal. Obvs. {sarcasm}

#5. Knotted Silver Earrings from Target
I wear these suckers almost every day.
They match everything!
And they come in a two-pack (with another pair of earrings that I never wear) for only $5!
This is my second pair. I wore the first ones out.
I'm considering stock options.

Have a great weekend, doll faces.
Until Monday.

Speaking of Monday.
Chelsea and I's Make It My Own Monday will be back!!!
So put on some clothes and link up!

Also, don't miss my HANA Air hair dryer review :)

Tomorrow night some of my fav Cbus blogger broads and I are headed to the Scarlet and Gray Café to see the one and only Michael Stagliano. Jealous? It's going to be epic.
Photos to follow...



Maca said...

wonderful 5 things. Definitely trying those self-tanning towelettes!

brynn said...

love this!!
i've been wanting to get some self tanner, but those spray cans scare the shiz outta me. i'm definitely gonna try those towelettes!

Erin said...

Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your top 5 items..I am going to have to try those self tanning towelettes...I've always been afraid to but I trust your judgement on them :) Also--your previous post was so touching and so sad. I sat at my work and cried. You are an amazing friend and your girlfriend is so blessed to have you in her life! Happy Weekend love and best of luck not eating meat ;)

Ashley said...

Definitely want to try the self-tanner because I desperately don't want to lay under those cancer lights, but I haven't found anything good enough. Thanks

Also, the jacket is super cute. Looking in to that too. And finally, I also use that lotion (possibly a different type but same company, nonetheless). I love it too! Only kind I use. Thanks for the helpful info!!

Happy weekend

lori said...

great picks. i need to try those towelettes... next time I'm at target, I'm going to pick some up (and those earrings cuz they're CUTE.)

Alicia Carlson said...

I am obsessed with self tanner after years and years of freaking ruining my skin in a tanning bed, I'm glad you shared these towels because I really want to try. Also, the Neutrogena Tan Mist is amazing... :)

Dree said...

What a great list! I need to check this out, stat!

Christina said...

I use the Clarins tanning gel and LOVE IT. It seems pricy, at 30ish dollars, but is way cheaper (and safer!) than a tanning bed. AND i have those earrings! :)

Kelly said...

Great post :-) I cannot find those damn towels like anywhere!! For a few months they have been on my backburner list to buy. I wonder if I have to go to *shudder* Walmart for them? :-P Love your new earrings!

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