Thursday, January 12, 2012

it's ok thursday

Another Friday eve, punkin butts!

It's chilly and rainy, and I hear it's supposed to snow soon. 
What do you mean it's winter?!

But that's OK, and so are these things:

To still be obsessed with my iPhone (it's only been about a month, cut me some slack) and play on it constantly (much to Shawn's dismay)

That Shawn's computer caught a "cold" and now we're thinking about investing in a MacBook Pro. We just had to bite into that forbidden Apple, didn't we? Now, all we want is more!

To try different eating styles (not diets!) and work out plans. Keeps things interesting.

To go shopping and be so overcome with buyer's remorse before even handing over the debit card. 
And then put everything back.

To reserve a bunch of books at the library all at one time. Then have them for two weeks and only read the first chapter in one of them. Please tell me I'm not alone.

To turn our spare bedroom into a hoarding-type situation. I think I have more clothes on that bed than in my closets. If there is even still a bed under there. I thought about taking a picture to post for you all, but I am embarrassed by my actions. Sadly, this is not the first time.

To be sincerely and deeply moved by all the touching posts I've read lately. You gals are deep. I appreciate that.

To live paycheck to paycheck.

To get on the scale even if you hate what is says. It's called motivation.

For naturally thin women to want to take care of their bodies.

What are you saying It's OK to this fine Thursday?
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Holly said...

I can relate with the spare room turned TLC Hoarders haha. Our spare room needs cleaned and organized so bad but as soon as I open the door to do so I end up shutting it and saying "next weekend." I will tackle it. Someday.

Carolyn said...

I hear ya on the hoarding situation. It's bad. HAHA :) Also on the paycheck to paycheck. Not a fan of that one though.

the girl in the red shoes said...

I do the exact same thing with library books! Happens all the time!

Lindsey said...

we have a macbook pro and LOVE it! you will not regret it.

and i'm totally with you on hoarding! my house is a disaster about 95% of the time until I have visitors and then I go into nesting mode and CLEAN like crazy

Kels said...

get the macbook! they are amazing! I looove mine!

ps-i did one of those dumb blog post things and i have now subjected you to participate in it..muahah. check out my blog in a bit for it!

Stephanie said...

it is SO okay to want a MAC!! Just got my first one last year...pure love! LOVE.

It's also SUPER okay to live paycheck to paycheck. Meh...whatevs! We're young, no kids, who cares?!

Brittany said...

We always have papers and little clutter things laying around everywhere. I try to put it in baskets (secretly thinking it will look better), but it's still just clutter in baskets. Dang it!

Bethany said...

I love that you try different earting/work out plans. It's about being fit and taking care of yourself, not being pin thin :) Buyer's remorse is the worst though!

Christi and Heather said...

Love your thinking! New followers and new bloggers!

Kristin said...

I do that with Netflix, not library books. I'll open a dvd just to break the seal and stuff it back in the envelope. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for certain movies! I got an iphone a few months ago. Then my husband got me an ipad. I never intended for it to happen this way! So, yeah, you're not alone.

Alana Christine said...

Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!
I LOVE my MacBook!

shay said...

new follower, you have such a cute blog! can't wait to read more!

KatyK said...

Sweet Lord Holly thank you sooooo much for the last one. I get the most evil dirty looks when I talk about wanting to head to the gym or eat healthier. Goodness. Like i say it to piss them off on purpose. I usually just keep it to myself now. (Cuz they get even worse when they find out I've had a child :P)....and as far as the hoarding...Hun, I have the dresses I wore to 8th grade grad and highschool well as both junior and senior prom dresses....8th grade was like '99.

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