Thursday, January 19, 2012

it's ok thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Why is it that short weeks sometimes feel like the longest weeks?
Not OK.
I live for weekends, universe. Can you get a move on, please?!

In the meantime, it's OK...
To only want to shop right as the hubby and I are implementing our savings plan.

To have taken my confetti on canvas DIY to work on Tuesday and have yet to hang it up.

To be really excited about all the running I'll be doing from February to May. Weird, right?! But I'll be running a half marathon, a 5K and possibly a 10-miler with other Cbus bloggers, so it's bound to be a good time.

  To be thinking about doing another 30 for 30 to avoid buying new clothes. I'm looking at you, Old Navy and all your new spring duds!

To finally, after two years, remember to celebrate my blogiversary! Feb. 5. The wine has been purchased.

To want another tattoo sooooo bad!

To be out of ideas.



lori said...

my hubs and i are on a strict budget right now (not normal for us) and ALL i want to do is shop... the stores are calling my name.

its almost the weekend... hang in there :)

Monica said...

I am trying to save up for a move and I can't help but want to shop so badly!!

Kelly said...

When I saw your tweet about Old Navy I was soooo tempted to check out their site, but I held strong. I do NOT need spring clothing temptation ;-)

Britton said...

I am excited about all of my running coming up too!! Good luck with all of your training!!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

What is 30 in 30? New follower!

Shannon Dew said...

Old Navy is my GO TO! Love them!

Carolyn said...

UGH! I need to put myself on a shopping restriction. Oh wait. I did that for January. And it's killing me. LOL I have problems. :)

Ashley said...

You should host a link up every week so we can tell you how much we HAVEN'T spent that week and what trends we love..that way we can salivate over the fashions together and not spend any money!

I want another tat soooo bad. Hopefully soon!

KatyK said...

Blogiversary....can we have a party for that? Or am i just looking for an excuse to drink?

Yay for tats. I'm itching for another...hello tax return.

If you do a 30 for 30....I might just have to. The new spring line at work is literally torturing me :/

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