Monday, January 9, 2012

mimo monday + scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday, punkins!

I hope you all had a stellar weekend. Mine was fabulous - especially Saturday night out with 10+ girlfriends. I roll with pretty bitches. Keep reading for photos that prove my point.

But guess what's back after a holiday hiatus?? Make It My Own Monday!!
{with just me today as Miss Chelsea deals with some tough family stuff - keep her and her niece in your thoughts!}

In my effort to stay comfy over the holiday season - mostly due to overeating - I was inspired by this:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Who doesn't love leggings and cozy sweaters?!
Here's what I wore:

Teal sweater: Old Navy (gift from my sister)
T-shirt: JC Penney
Leggings: JC Penney
Scarf: Charming Charlie (gift from my cheerleader)

Boots: Old Navy

I loved this outfit!
I would wear it if no one noticed.
Isn't that scarf adorable? Yeah, it's reversible. Floral pattern and cheetah print. Boom.

Did you MIMO last week? The week before?
Link up, homies!

Here are a few scenes from my weekend:

This bad boy arrived Thursday. Review coming tomorrow!
Moxyn had had diarrhea and vomiting. There was blood in the poo.
Shawn took her to the vet where they waited for hours as the doctor tried to fit her into his schedule.
Moxyn + small room = craziness!
Shawn texted me the above photo with the caption: "I'm annoying." And said he never wanted to be locked in a small room with her again.
I guess I'll be taking Mox to her vet appointments from now on. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kilah (dog) and Grady (cat) snuggled since the house was extra quiet with Moxyn gone.

Then Mox came home and laid around after her vet adventure.
Now, let's talk about Saturday night, shall we?
About a dozen of us went to a Mexican place for dinner and then to see an acoustic performance by Michael Stagliano from the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad.

He's cute. Has a good voice. And a John Mayer like sound, but I thought a few of his lyrics sounded like a third grader wrote them (no offense, I'm no song writer). There were some funny lines too - mostly calling out his ex. And the BEST part, Katie got a shout out! The second one of the night. And I missed it, but Alicia said she did too at the end of the performance. That qualifies them for at least E-list celebrity status. :)

 {I spy Katie, Alicia and Kelsey}

M.Stags' friend William lives in Cbus and was there, so we snagged a photo.

 {the only pic I took that night besides the ones of M.Stags}

  {girls in green}

After Michael's one-hour performance (it said 2 hours on the ticket, I want half my money ($6) back), the majority of us headed to Bar 23 for more drinks and dancing. 
It was so so sooooo much fun hanging with these ladies!
It's about to become a regular occurrence.

Until tomorrow, my pretties!



KRISTIN said...

Words do not describe my jealousy towards you girls for meeting Michael. I have seriously been in love with him since Jill's season. Looks like you had a blast though!

Ashley said...

Why am I not in any photos? lol .. So sorry I didn't say bye that night ... Couldnt find anyone when I was about to leave but had a blast that night and we need to get together soon :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

What an awesome girls night!!! Such a hunk. LOVE the MIMO outfit! Def could wear that everyday too. And is Mox okay??

Carolyn said...

First - super cute outfit! Second - hope your pup is ok!! Third - looks like you girls had a blast seeing Michael! Jealous! :)

Cristie Young said...

I love your outfit it is so winter chic! I am a new follower to your blog! Also, I am so jealous that you met Michael!

Have a great day,


Cristie Young said...

I love your outfit it is so winter chic! I am a new follower to your blog! Also, I am so jealous that you met Michael!

Have a great day,


Neely said...

Love the outfit!

KT said...

Green with envy! Beyond cute!

Kels said...

ahh! we did have such a fun night!

Audra said...

I am so jealous... I pink puffy heart Michael Stags. Lucky!!

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