Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So, this is what it feels like to live in the south during the winter.
Those snow birds are so wise.
Seriously, February 1 feels more like April 1 today.
I keep wondering what the catch is for this 60-degree weather in the middle of an Ohio winter.
But sometimes I've found it's just better not to question.

Today, I wore this:

I was feeling a little spunky this morning.
Must have been the 6 a.m. bootcamp.
Bright colors are in.
And I am loving adding little neon touches to otherwise colorless/neutral outifts.

Here are some other bright combos I'm loving:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

That was refreshing.
Any time you're feeling like you should have just stayed in bed, put on something bright.
I'm sure there are stats out there {that I am too lazy to look up...errr, Google} that show that bright clothing boosts your mood.
It sounds reasonable, don't you think?

Well, at the very least, I hope it brightened your hump day.

There is still time to enter my blogiversary giveaway!
Get on it, kiddie puffs.
And I'm only 12 followers away from 300.
Wouldn't that be a nice little gift for ol' RIS' third birthday?!
Just sayin' :)


Miss Chelsea said...

Ooh I love all these! I think need a suntan before I bust out the neons though. Oh, and your 'leg on the counter' photo cracks me up!

Carolyn said...

Love all of these colors!! :)

KRISTIN said...

i absolutely love bright colored clothing but somehow every time i go shopping i come home with black and white and gray...what can i say? i a huge bore.

Kelly said...

Ohhhhh my. That teal skirt with the navy top and colorful necklace is SOOOOOOOO cute!!! I would wear it in an instant :-O Love your outfit!!

lori said...

i love all of these. the bright colors are so fun!

Heather said...

made my way over ffrom shane's blog and had to say hello! love the bright colors!

Lindsey said...

you look adorable! love your bright colors!

Anna & Kirby said...

love the bright colors! With the weather being above normal in most of the country... I like this idea :)

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