Friday, February 3, 2012

five (characteristics} you should strive to possess

Boom shaka laka!
It's Friday up in herrrrr.
I am so anxious {in a good way} for my blogiversary party tomorrow I can barely think straight.
So I apologize if this post doesn't make sense. 
It should.
But I warned you if not.

As some of you know, and those of you who didn't now know, I'm going to school to get my master's in community counseling.
This semester I'm taking a course on how to lead group therapy, and in our text it talks about the charactistics of a good group leader.
But these characteristics, in my opinion, are not just for good therapists.
I think we'd all be better off if we possessed even a little of each of these.

Here are five characteristics you should strive to possess:

#1. Self-Acceptance

Source: via Kaci on Pinterest

This is a tough one for many people.
Often we focus so much on our flaws - feeling ashamed of them and wondering how in the hell we can hide them from the world.
But I know you know this: no one is perfect. No one.
Not you {gasp!}. Not me {whaaa?!}. Not even Kate Middleton.
We're just different.
And being able to accept our flaws - what makes us different from each other - and share them with the world is a sexy thing.
Accept that you don't have all the answers. That you're not always right. That you will make mistakes.
For goodness sake, be human.
It's such a beautiful thing.

#2. Charisma

Whether you are loud or soft, dramatic or understated, be interesting.
Call it charisma, power, charm, passion or enthusiasm.
Be someone people want to know, emulate, talk to, love.
Attract and inspire others.
Be heard.
Use your personal attributes to your advantage.
You are fabulous.
So act like it.

#3. Sense of Humor

For the love of everything that is good and right in this world, DO NOT take yourself so seriously!
It's boring.
Get your feel-good juices going.
Laugh at yourself. Share a laugh with friends.
Be playful. Joke around. Release your inner 7-year-old self {you know she's in there}.
Have a freakin' good time!
Shit happens. Life can be tough sometimes.
But just because you have a bad day, doesn't mean you have a bad life.
So laugh a little.
It's so freeing.

#4. Honesty

Be someone you want others to be.
Be sincere. Be authentic. Be real.
Be you.
You have to be honest with yourself to be honest with others.
The truth isn't always easy. But it's necessary.

#5. Compassion

Give a damn.
For others. For yourself.
There is someone in your life in whose welfare you are invested.
Show him/her you love them and that you care by being warm, nonjudgmental, supportive, respectful, empathetic.
Create a positive relationship and environment for the people you love.
And only expect from them what you are willing to do yourself.

#6. Flexibility

I threw this one in here as a bonus because I think it's also important.
Life isn't always going to go your way.
Plan A isn't always going to work out. That's why there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.
We cannot predict the future.
But we can be prepared for its curve balls if we are willing to give in to a little flexibility and adaptability.
So if you're a planner and control freak like me, sometimes we're just wasting our time.
Be willing to let go of your plans when necessary. And just live in the moment.
Because constantly swimming upstream is exhausting.
So go with the flow every once in awhile, and drink lemonade ;)

If there is one thing I'm learning through my grad program, it's how to be a better person.
The kind of person that accepts herself and others, is honest with herself, can stand out in a crowd, can show her true feelings good or bad, can laugh at herself, and can be flexible when things don't go her way.
And that is life changing.

TGIF, doll faces.
Have a splendid weekend.
I can't wait to share pics from my blogiversary party with you next week.
I wish you all could come. But that's not possible.
So I shall allow you to live vicariously through our Columbus blogger fun.
We'll try to keep it classy ;)



Neely said...

I like to think I have all of these :)

Cassie said...

Love this. All girls need this reminder every now and then.
And always be real.
I really enjoy your blog. Yay for your bloggerversary tomorrow!!

Married...with a Pup said...

I seriously LOVE this Holly! Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend.

Alana Christine said...

LOVED this, Holly! Definitely lifted my spirits!

Mary said...

Great post! You are going to be an incredible counselor. I'm so proud of you! :)

Isobelle Carlton said...

I love #4 I read it, looked at myself and realised this is where i need to be with myself! Thank you so much.

 She's Got Heart{s}

cal ;) said...

this might be my FAVE blog post of yours ever. i love everything about it and want to post it everywhere in my apartment. :)

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