Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's OK thursday

The weekend is so close, I can smell it.
It smells like wine and cheese.
Of which I will consume copious amounts of this weekend in celebration of my blog anniversary.

But let's get a few things straight.
It's OK...

To write an entire blog post and hate it. Then write this one.

To be really really excited to see if I win Erin's favorite things giveaway.
{Go wish her a happy one-year blog anniversary!}

To be really really excited to announce the winner of my blogiversary giveaway tomorrow!

To not cross things off your to-do list...for a week.

To be excited to start training on Monday for a half marathon in May.

To hate scary movies and be creeped out by commercials advertising them.

To spend your tax return on new carpet.

To want to bust into all the wine I have for Saturday.

To get anxiety about being late.

To have done a vlog and still can't figure out how to get it off my phone. Grrrrr...

To have bought a Groupon for a trapeze lesson!
That's right. A trapeze lesson. Kelsey and Alicia are going too.
I hope to have a video to share with you after we go.
It's gonna be epic.
Kinda like this weekend.

Until tomorrow, love bugs.



Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

A trapeze lesson? Sounds like fun! Make sure you blog about it :)

Stephanie said...

SO wish I lived in Cbus so I could come to your party. I mean...because I know I would be invited and all... :)

Jessica said...

Trapeze lesson?! WHAT! Jealous!
My weekend smells like wine, too.
Wine & mojitos.
What a beautiful smell it is...

xo :)

sarah @ shades for {.e.v.e.r.y.} adventure said...

A TRAPEZE LESSON?!? omg. add that to my list of things i need to do in my life. immediately.

Enjoy your party!! yayy :)

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