Monday, February 27, 2012

let's call a spade, a spade

Where did that expression even come from?
I mean, what else would you call a spade other than a spade?
Let's just forget I even brought it up, and get to the keeping it real part, which is essentially what that phrase means, correct?
And us bloggers are all about keeping it real, am I right?
Note: I did not intend this post to resemble a game of 20 questions, but sometimes these blog posts are finicky little things and have a mind of their own.
Now, let's get back to keeping it real here, shall we?
I swear that's the last question.

As many of you know, Mondays are typically reserved for Make It My Own Monday link ups.
Here's where I keep it real.
This little link up hasn't taken off as I had hoped.
Ya win some, ya lose some.
Even my own co-host has neglected it. Shame on you, Miss Chelsea ;)
So I'm thinking it's time to postpone the link up party until further notice.

Honestly, I am just getting dressed and snapping pictures and then finding an outfit on Pinterest that matches what I wore and calling it my inspiration outfit.
Talk about the cart before the horse.
Which defies the intention of Make It My Own Monday.
No worries, I still plan to MIMO throughout the week {and I hope Chelsea will too!} and share my sweet inspiration and duds with you.
Your sweet comments on my outfits help justify my shopping addiction.
I thank you. My wallet and husband don't.

Let's have a looksee at my attempt at color blocking on Valentine's Day.

First, some color inspiration {yes, I just picked this outfit from my Style board today to match what I wore}:

Here's what I wore:
{i promise the tank is pink!}

cardigan: Old Navy
ruffle/pleated tank: Old Navy

belt: Forever 21
pants: New York and Co.

What are your thoughts on color blocking?
Ok, that was the last question. Scouts honor.

So, about my shopping addiction I mentioned...
I am giving up shopping for Lent. {thanks for the inspiration, Aly!}
I'm not happy about it either.
I'm anxiously awaiting the withdrawal symptoms to set in any day now.
I expect to experience cold sweats, my wallet to catch on fire, and my husband to break into song and dance.
It's terrifying!
If you know of any SAA {shopping addicts anonymous} support groups I can join, please let me know.
I'm starting to itch.



Stephanie said...

Shit i need to give up shopping for lent too but I know that won't happen...

Good for you. Let me know how that works out lol...

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

You inspired me to give up shopping. Which I can handle because I'm broke as a joke anyways!
Also, you have got to be effing kidding me about quitting this. I freaking did it today!! WHAAAAAA.
How about I just send you my pictures?! :)
Can't wait for this weekend! Love you!

sarah @ shades for {.e.v.e.r.y.} adventure said...

haha, i totally want to link up every week and then forget to take my pictures so i always fall through on linking :( shame on meee!! i also gave up shopping for lent, but definitely forgot today and bought a dress. in all fairness though i did need a black dress for some cremonies coming up i have to take part in so im just wearign the same one and changing my accessories...justifiable?

Miss Chelsea said...

((hangs head in shame))

Carrin said...

Aw darn! I just found yours & Chelsea's blogs & was pumped about the link up. I even posted on Sunday for anticipation for MiMo :(
Having said that; I like both of your blogs & intend to stick around regardless :)

The Slice said...

Hey! Are you from Columbus?

callie ;) said...

LOVE the cardi you wore on v-day. can you still go shopping for others (i.e. me) during lent, or would that be too tempting?? :)

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