Monday, February 13, 2012

mimo monday + a necessary evil

Aren't Mondays great?
{insert sarcasm}
Every seven days it taunt us with its indisputable evidence that the weekend is officially over.
No wonder it has no friends.
Well, maybe this will make your Monday better.
It's Make It My Own Monday with Miss Chelsea and I!
{insert happy dance/hallelujah chorus}

Here is my inspiration outfit:

And here is how I MIMO'd:

I ADORE mixing patterns and anything striped or dotted provides the perfect foundation for a magical mixture of clothing genius.
Thought you should know that before I wore this outfit, the tags were still on this shirt though it's been in my closet for at least six months.
But I will be redeeming myself from here on out.
For the sake of this camel and white-striped shirt.

Link up, buttercups!
And show us how you wore your duds last week:

Now, that necessary evil I mentioned?
Going to the gyno.
I am right or am I right?
Once a year, I start a chilly February week off with this annual visit.
This was that week.
Nothing like feeling exposed, vulnerable and violated on a Monday.

I have to say that I think the worst part is sitting there in a paper, two-piece gown trying desperately to keep my goodie bits covered.
Which is challenging when one size DOES NOT fit all.
I had the top wrapped so tightly around me that I think my boobs were peeking out of the arms holes.

But this necessary evil, is also a blessing in disguise.
Remember my breast issue I told you about in October?
Well, my gyno told me to think about getting a second opinion.
Not that she was questioning the radiologist's report or that the mass has changed.
It just hasn't gone away.
She said no test is 100% and it's not normal to have palpable masses in your breast.
Who knew.
So, I am expecting a call later this week to schedule an appointment with a surgeon for a second opinion.
I know, I know it's better safe than sorry.
But it pains me to think what it's going to cost considering I'm still paying off the last $500 breast ultrasound.
But I guess you can't put a price tag on peace of mind, now can you?

Though the peace of mind I thought I paid for the first time is now gone.
Honestly,  the idea of having an appointment with a surgeon caught me off guard and has me a little freaked out.
But it's all going to be fine, right?
As long as the surgeon is a hot.
Yep, it's all going to be fine.



Kelly said...

Love your outfit, as always! Hoping for GOOD news from the doctor. You have all of your bloggy friends thnking of you :-D

Neely said...

Hope everything is ok love!

Nicole Rene said...

All I have to say to this is that I think it is such a shame that health insurance doesn't cover ultrasounds. Not trying to be a debbie downer, but my mom died at age 36 from breast cancer yet my insurance won't cover ultrasounds until I am 40... It doesn't quite make sense to me. But anyway, I hope all is alright with you!!! :) And that outfit is super adorable! You look fabulous!!!!


asj said...

thinking of you during this I'm sure scary time... at least you caught it and are looking into it/exploring it on all sides.

you're in my thoughts!

jessica said...

i adore that scarf. love the pattern matching, too.

it's going to be fine...thinking and praying for you right now, girl.

Carolyn said...

I love that outfit! SO CUTE! :) I need to get back on the MIMO train. My outfits have been SLACKING. Argh. Maybe I'll do one this week yet.

Good luck at the doctor!!! Hopefully everything goes well!!!

emily said...

hate those visits. hope everything turns out just fine! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love your outfit!! great re-creation and i love striped with a floral scarf so cute. and your hair looks amazing too by the way

Daisy said...

Great outfit! New reader but I hope you hear good news as well.

Mary said...

Praying for good news!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. Let me know if you need to chat. Hope it goes well.

KRISTIN said...

You are too adorable, you make me want to buy new clothes. AND I hope everything is OK...definitely better safe then sorry, you would hate for something to be going on and ignore it. I'm SURE everything is fine AND I will pray for a hot dr. :)

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