Thursday, March 29, 2012

before mr. and mrs.

Wasn't yesterday's post fun?!
I had so much fun reminiscing about my good old college days, I thought I'd keep memories coming.
I can't help but think of all the fun times I had with my now husband, who was one of my best friends during college.
That boy knew - and still knows - how to make me laugh.
And for that (and a myriad of other dynamite qualities), he has my heart.

I remember the first time I saw him.
{forgive me if you already know this story}
A girl on my floor wanted me to come to one of the guys' dorms to listen to her friend play guitar.
So I went. And the guy happened to be in Shawn's room next door when we arrived.
I recognized Shawn's roommate (who happened to be his best friend from high school and the best man in our wedding) from my math class.
Then I saw him.
Chillin' like a villian on the lower of the bunk beds.
So suave. Ha!
And such a witty, charming, t-shirt and jeans-wearing innocence.
I didn't know it then, but we would be friends throughout college - Dawson and Joey style (Dawson's Creek anyone?) - attending parties, making Arby's runs, hitching rides back home (our hometowns are 45 minutes apart and are rival high schools though we didn't know each other then), and listening to Jim Brickman piano music (Shawn's choice, not mine...weirdo) while we talked all hours of the night.

Wanna see Shawn and I in college, long before we were Mr. and Mrs.?
If not, too bad. Stop reading now.
If so, you're welcome.

He is so going to pummel me for these.
I showed him my post yesterday and he said, "Oh good,  you used a picture of me from behind so people won't know it's me."
I think it's a little late now.

Now, we might look like a match made in heaven, but Shawn and I do not have a perfect marriage.
I'd like to know who does, then kick you in the shin. Lying and denial aren't cool.
Like many couples, Shawn and I get in ruts.
It's easy to get comfortable with someone you love and settle into a routine.
So when this happens, I suggest looking back through old photos of you two together, before you were Mr. & Mrs. or back to when you started dating, or were even just friends, for starters.
It definitely brings back all the great memories of the fun things we did together that we think we're too busy for now. 
It also brings back all those butterflies, and is a good reminder of all the feelings I still have for my husband.

That boy still makes me laugh.

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Carolyn said...

So sweet! :)

KRISTIN said...

Love this! You two are too cute.

Katie said...

Very cute!! I like the pictures!

callie ;) said...

awww, i remember all those pictures! you both look so young...oh wait, we were. haha. :)

Chelsea said...

Awww this was so much fun! Love all the pictures of you guys :)

Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

You are always happy!:)

Neely said...


Mateya said...

So fun to see all these old pictures!

J and A said...

Ah I love this!! I love old photos!

Ashley said...

i love this! yall are so cute and i think you should post his response to all those pictures! it so nice to have a friend like that. who knew yall would be married!? so sweet

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