Tuesday, March 13, 2012

eat yourself healthy part 4: let's eat

Before I get into this eating biznass, I just want to tell you how much I appreciated and loved your comments on my post about baby-making and where Shawn and I stand on that issue right now.
If you didn't read it, you can do it here.
I'm glad I finally wrote down how I feel about starting our family.
And I'm happy to know that I'm not alone.
So thank you - you sweet, sweet human beings you :)

Now, let's talk about why we're really here.
Sometimes carelessly, which comes at a cost {just ask my thighs}.
But more and more, I'm trying to eat consciously.
Thinking about everything that's going into my body - good or bad.
And I think once you're honest with yourself about how much and what you're eating, you can start to be more conscious about that choices you're making about food.

Here are 3 things I learned from the Giant Eagle Registered Dietitian about calories and healthy eating that I have tried to incorporate into my own daily eating:

#1. It's all about the number of calories you eat in a day,  not when you eat them. 
I'm sure you've heard that you shouldn't eat before bed because you won't use the calories.
But you actually need calories to sleep.
And if you're hungry at 9 p.m., it probably means you didn't get enough calories during the day.
And it doesn't matter if you eat 3 big meals or 6 smaller meals, as long as you're getting the number of calories your body needs each day, then eat whatever way works for your body.
MyPlate.gov does a great job of helping you understand calories and how many you need.
It's important to not only get the calories your body needs, but to also get the nutrients your body needs while consuming those calories.
The RD said that a 1400 calories per day diet is typical for weight loss, although everyone's body is different.
Normal weight loss is about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

#2. Listen to your body!
Your body will tell you when it's hungry.
The RD said something that has stuck with me, and that is that you should eat when your hunger is a 3 or 4 out of 10, and you should stop eating when your fullness feels about a 6 or 7 out of 10.

#3. Don't deprive yourself!
You won't be able to sustain it.
From my perspective, most diets require that you cut something "bad" out of your diet.
But I know that when I try to stop eating Chipotle, the only thing I want to eat is Chipotle. 
So I don't deprive myself of it.
Instead, I limit how often I eat it - typically to once or twice a month.
My mom, who is currently competing in a weight loss challenge and has lost 30 pounds (half of her goal! Happy dance!), has cut pop out of her daily diet by substituting it with carbonated water. She still gets the burn of pop, but not the calories or sugar. And it's worked for her.
So make a deal with yourself and do what works for you.
And just be sure that the extra calories you're going to to consume fit into your daily count for the day.

Here are a few other random tips I picked up from the RD too:

1. Breakfast is important. Eat it! And try to combine three food groups in your breakfast.
2. Eat a simple carb about 1-2 hours before working out to prevent your muscles from that shaky, I-can't-do-one-more-rep feeling.
3. Sugar substitutes are OK depending on how your body reacts to them.
4. You don't want trans fat in butter or margerine. Some good choices are I Can't Believe It's Not Butter tub/stick, Country Crock tub, Promise tub/stick, and Smart Balance.
5. Use canola oil for cooking/baking; use olive oil for more refined taste like in dressings.
6. Take an Omega 3 supplement if you don't eat fish.
7. Calcium and iron in multivitamins compete. Iron wins. So you may need to take a separate calcium supplement.
8. If you're pretty good at eating the recommended servings from eat food group, then you don't need a multivitamin.

And there you have it, love bugs.
Everything I picked up from the RD about healthy eating.
My advice: everyone's body is different. Find what works for you and make it a habit. Don't deprive yourself, but be conscious of and honest with yourself about what you're putting into your body. Listen to your body.

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Katie said...

so so wise Holls! I like hearing all the lessons you learned. Now the most important question is how the hell will we stay under our alloted calories in the day on saturday?! haha NOT gonna happen!! ;)

Ashley said...

Thanks for the info. This is very helpful. I've always heard the eating before bed thing but this makes sense. Not that I'm gonna eat a steak 10 mins before bed, but knowing it won't make that much of a difference if I eat at 7 or 8 makes me feel better!

Neely said...

Great tips :)

KatyK said...

I loved the tips in this little series. I've never really thought about what I ate, running around after Leila and walking all over campus and then walking around the store all day I pretty much ate what I wanted when I was hungry. Now that I'm sitting at a desk, and past 25, I'm starting to notice some changes I'm not fond of. I will be referring back to these :)

Jacqueline said...

Love this post - this whole eating better is something I reinstating in my life. So it's always nice to read someone else doing the same thing!

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