Friday, March 16, 2012

friday letters

Felt like it took forever to get here, but Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve, y'all!
I CAN.NOT.WAIT to celebrate tomorrow with some super fly ladies and, of course my favorite Irish man ;)
But before I start pounding some green beer {and marg's during my bday lunch at El Vaquero tomorrow}, I'm linking up for the first time with Ashley for Friday's Letters!


Dear Ramen Noodles, You never disappoint. Keep up the good work.

Dear Jason Aldean Pandora station, I hold you responsible for getting me through the work day.

Dear Moxyn, You have been crazy energized for the last two weeks. Walks and throwing the ball in the yard have little affect on you, super dog. What gives? Remember a couple weeks ago how cute you were doing this:

Can we try this for a little bit while mommy finds her sanity. Please and thank you, snuggle butt.

Dear Husband, Please, please, please find that leprechaun hat and wear it out tomorrow. It makes me giggle. Don't you want me to have a good birthday? P.S. Thank you for my new pink laptop! You spoil me rotten :)

Dear Spring Fever, Bring it!

Dear Week-Long Vacation {the first week of April}, Hurry your much-needed self up! I have big plans for you - i.e. sleeping in, completing projects around the house, finishing The Hunger Games trilogy, and hopefully soaking up some vitamin D.

Dear St. Patrick's Day, Remind me to pace myself. You are too much fun to pass out early. 

Dear 28th Birthday {on Sunday!}, One day I will look {and act} like I celebrated you. But not yet. No, not yet.

Here's to hoping I'm still getting carded when I'm 40 ;)

Dear New Followers, You rock my socks! Welcome! Please say "hi!" I can't wait to check out all of your blogs :)

Have a great and safe St. Patrick's Day weekend, love bugs! 
Sláinte :)



J and A said...

Love your letters. Nothing tires our pup out either. They are so cute when they sleep. Sigh. Have a FAB weekend celebrating!

Katie said...

Im a Ramen noodle lover also. :) I feel like too many people give up on them too quickly. It's a shame really.

Happy early Birthday!! Hope you have an amazing weekend celebrating!

Babygirl said...

I'm a new follower! happy birthday!!! stop by sometime and check out my blog! i'm in the process of starting up my jewelry business, hoping to be on etsy soon!

Babygirl said...

I'm a new follower! happy birthday!!! stop by sometime and check out my blog! i'm in the process of starting up my jewelry business, hoping to be on etsy soon!

mrs. k said...

pink laptop? super jealous!!

{i'm a new follower, by the way!}

Bunnie said...

love that you got a pink laptop!!

Just Ashley said...

I agree 100%, Ramen noodles never disappoint me either! Such a cute blog!

Married...with a Pup said...

Yay! Have a great St. Patty's day and more importantly happy birthday!!!

Katie said...

so happy to see so many new faces over here!! :) makes me happy. can't wait for tomorrow with you my dearest!

Meg said...

I'm going to need to know where one finds a hat like that. I'm married to an irish-man myself, and his red beard would really compliment that little, silly green hat. Okay maybe not... but it would provide me with hours of amusement!!

Found you on Friday's Letters. Cute blog! New follower!

Meg ;)

Ashley Slater said...

so I had no idea it was st. pattys tomorrow. #FAIL oh well! haha have fun celebrating! such cute letters! thanks for linking up!


Katie said...

HIYA! New follower here! Love your blog and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

MessyDirtyHair said...

cute letters! such a fun going to have to check out Ashleys blog! Happy Birthday & have a wonderful st pattys day!! I hope your man wears the hat...& post pics of this amazing PINK laptop!!!!

xx Kelly

lori said...

good choice with pandora. love it.

and i beg your husband to wear the hat, too. PLEASE?!

RealDanaGentry said...

Cute idea! Love Jason Aldean Pandora too! :)

Carolyn said...

Happy birthday my friend! Hope it was AMAZING!!!

Miss Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you share my adoration for Ramen

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