Monday, March 12, 2012

mimo monday featuring katie from {keep calm & carry on} + a winner

Happy Monday, kiddie puffs!
Did you have a good weekend?
Other than having to work an event Friday night and Saturday morning, and stressing about a ridiculous homework assignment last night, mine was good!
Saturday, after working in the morning, I went to a baby shower for my neighbor. They aren't finding out what they are having and I don't know how they can stand not knowing! It was a cute shower nonetheless :)
Saturday night my BFF had a party for her hubby's birthday at their house. So fun! Here are a few scenes:

 Clockwise from top left: green bourbon slush and chalkboard solo cup, my dog Kilah being anti-social, shots of Dragonberry, and so much cheese!

Clockwise from top left: My new nail color, gift cards my girlfriends got me for my birthday, and the bottom two pics are of my BFF. The one on the left is one of her senior pics 10 years ago, and the one on the right - yep, she can still rock those red zebra pants! I really have no idea how we got to that point in the evening...And who buys those pants?! And keeps them for a decade?! This is why we're friends :)

My mom and sister came down yesterday and we watched my 10-year-old cousin play in a basketball tournament, had lunch at BJ's Brewhouse {one of my faves!} and shopped {no, I didn't buy anything!}.

Now, enough about my silly weekend.
I am so happy that Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On agreed to be featured for Make It My Own Monday!
Do you follow Katie's blog?
You should.
So get your hot buns over there as soon as you're done checking out her style:

Ugh! She is so adorable I could puke!
I seriously love this girl and she totally nailed this Pinterest-inspired style!
Girlfraaand has got it going on!
I love this outfit because it is so versatile.
I'd rock it at work, a night out with the girls, or dinner with the hubby, like Katie did.
And I am all about mixing brown and black together. 
Remember when this was a huge no-no? We were so naive. 

Katie is so funny, witty, gorgeous, has a rockin' blog, and we always have so much fun together!
When I first met her it was like we had known each other for a long time, like we were old friends picking up where we left off.
And obviously, homegirl has a wicked sense of style!
I want her closet!
Now get yourself on over to Katie's blog and tell me it's not the cutest thing ever!

And finally, a winner.
Yeah, yeah, I'm a few days late on this announcement, but life was cray cray last week.
I need a day week to just catch up with myself! In due time, my friends {i.e. the first week of April}.
Anyway, the winner of this amazing t-shirt {just in time for St. Patrick's Day} courtesy of the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Central Ohio is...

Congrats, lady!
I'll be in touch to get your mailing address and size :)

And stay tuned because there is another giveaway coming up this week that you don't want to miss ;)



J and A said...

Looks like a fun weekend! And yes Katie does rock. I even tried to mimo with that outfit after I saw Katie's, she rocked it better than I. :)

Christina said...

love the nail color. and those, just wow! sassyyyyyy!

Katie said...

You are so adorable I could puke. Thank you for featuring me miss Holly. I love you and can't wait to celebrate your birthday. PS-Those kind words up there about me and my sweet. I feel the same about yours and our friendship xo :)

Neely said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Her outfit is great!

Kristin said...

those are the perfect gift cards! nice friends you have!

Kristen said...

OMG...I forgot that I put on those pants! Why do I still have them?

Bourbon slush = terrible decisions.

Thank you for reminding me...

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