Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring favorites + april sponsorship

Today, Neely and Amber are hosting a Favorite Things About Spring link up.
I haven't given spring the credit it clearly deserves in the past.
I've always been set on fall being my favorite season - I think mostly because of football and the gorgeous colors of the fall foliage - but spring is so welcoming! And a much needed pick-me-up after the winter blues.

Here are some of my favorite things about spring:

Beautiful Weather and Scenery

I'm not much of a fan of spring showers, but give me some green grass, pretty flowers and plenty of sunshine and I'm in heaven.

Baseball Season

Source: google.com via Holly on Pinterest

I love soaking up the sun at the ball field. And cheering on my Tribe.

Running Outside

Without wearing 12 layers!

Patio Sitting

Beer. Dinner. Good friends. A gorgeous sunset. Swoon.

Colorful Clothing

This is means it's time to spring clean and makeover my closet!

Open Windows

I love driving with the windows down and opening all the windows in the house for some fresh air!

What do you love about spring?


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Kori Donahue said...

Love this post honey! Hope you gets lot of sponsors. My favorite thing about spring is wearing some shorts and wedges here in CA! Kori xoxo

Carolyn said...

I love all of this!!! :)

Neely said...

YESSSS running outside!

Anonymous said...

I love each and every one of those pictures!!!

Jacqueline said...

Patio weather - that's my favorite. Columbus has some great patio spots, for sure! And the bright spring colors of course!

Kels said...

i love all these outfits! I WANT all these outfits! I guess running outside is cool too..

caitlin said...

i love those colorful clothing pictures!! i want them all!!

Mindi said...

I am SO ready for spring! Next time I see the sun I'm gonna fling open my doors and let the boys go streakin'! :)
The photo of the girl tying her shoes on her run is one of my friends from highschool! She has no idea how her picture is making it's way around the web :)

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