Thursday, April 12, 2012

it's ok thursday {500th post!}

Guess what today is?
OK, I hate questions like that. 
I usually guess something completely and utterly random just to avoid having to actually think about what it really could be that you're asking me to guess, knowing you are just going to tell me anyway. 
{But I often start conversations with Shawn this way. I think his eye roll response clearly means he's deep in thought.}
Kind of a pointless conversation.
Kinda like the one I'm typing now.
I digress.

This is my 500th post!
{insert awkward raise the roof motions}
I know, a drop in the bucket to some of you bloggy veterans, but this is quite the feat for me.
Yes, it has taken over 3 years to get to this point.
Yes, I am consistently inconsistent. It's my blog and I'll do what I want.
A lot has happened in 500 posts and I'm looking forward to the next 500 {total cheesy comment}.
While 500 blog posts are a treat, here are a few other things that I'd like to have 500 of:

1. Chipotle burritos/bowls and/or Jimmy Johns subs.
2. Dollars for a shopping spree.
3. Dog poop bags. We go through those WAY too fast!
4. Pairs of Victoria's Secret undies, so that I Shawn has less laundry to do and it wouldn't matter how many pairs my dog ate.

I could go on and on, but I'll save you that time you wouldn't get back.

Today, I'm linking up with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK:

To not have run in a week even though the half marathon is three weeks from Saturday.

To completely give up my summer to get in as many grad school classes done as I can. Is it August 4 yet?!

To need an assistant just to keep up with my daily life.

To let the dreamer in me take over when the realist in me gets boring.

To have moments of weakness.

To love watching Duck Dynasty on A&E. Those rednecks are hilarious!

To crave Diet Coke.

To want to solve everyone's problems, then feel really bad when you can't, even though it's completely unrealistic.

To be a people pleaser, a perfectionist and slightly OCD.

To be very excited that my weekends are jam packed with to-dos this month.

What are you saying "it's OK" to this week?

Happy Friday eve, silly heads :)

P.S. Come back tomorrow for a sweet spring guest post!



Shannon Dew said...

I stopped reading at 500 chipotle burritos! sign me up for that deal!

Established: 2008 said...

I want an assistant too. Wouldn't that be the best? Cute blog! Found you through Neely!

Carolyn said...

BAHAHAHAHA! I love the underwear one. :)

brynn said...

i totally feel you on the dog eats mine too, and they're always the expensive ones. why can't she have walmart taste?

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

congrats on your 500th post! 500 dollars for a shopping spree would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 500 blog post!! That's huge!

I could go for 500 JJ's subs or $500 for a shopping spree! :)

It's ok that I wanted JJ's today, but let my co-worker talk me into Bread Co. (Panera Bread) since I had a free soup on my myPanera card.

Katie said...

500!!! Woooo! I like your idea with the 500 things I want...and I'm not surprised Chipotle was at the top ;) also we use those plastic grocery bags for Rocky's poo...we must be kinda ghetto. we don't buy those fancy ones lol

{[Jessica]} said...

please I will take 500 burritos & $500 dollars for shopping!!
but yes I agree the Duck Dynasty is funny!!

Happy Thursday!!


The Morrows said...

Congrats on your 500th post :)
I need to check out Duck Dynasty. I went to high school with one of the guys on the show but haven't seen an episode yet!

Anna & Kirby said...

Happy 500th! :) I love to-do weekends...crazy uh?!

Anonymous said...

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