Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the other five senses

Sight. Smell. Touch. Hearing. Taste.
Sure, you've heard of these famous five senses. They're the ones that help shape your perception of the world.
But there are a few other senses that I think we should come equipped with.
Here are five "other senses" that I think are essential to our survival as human beings:

1. Sense of Humor

Source: bit.ly via Holly on Pinterest

Source: jrtux.com via Holly on Pinterest

I mean, c'mon. That stuff is funny.
There is so much that can bog us down in this world, that without a sense of humor we would surely succumb misery. Who is a truly ugly bastard, who bribes his friends.
Now, a comedian I am not, but I love being able to provide people with a little entertainment or just cheering them up with my silly self. Poor Shawn often falls victim to my attempts at silliness.
And I love that laugh-til-I-cry tinkle laughter. This has happened. More times than I care to share.
Having a sense of humor just makes life more fun and the crappy parts more tolerable.
And please, whatever you do, be willing to laugh at yourself. Don't take yourself too seriously.
And don't let everyone else have all the fun.

2. Common Sense

Source: squidoo.com via Holly on Pinterest

Oh sweet baby Jesus. Don't get me started.
I don't claim to be the brightest crayon in the Crayola box, but I'd like to think I've pick some common sense up along the way, or at least I'm paying enough in student loans that I've bought some.
Sometimes I wish people could hear the things they say or see the stuff they do.
Shakin' my head.

3. Sense of Self

Source: bit.ly via Holly on Pinterest

This doesn't come easy. Or quickly.
But once you find yourself inside of you, don't ever let you go.
Be true to who you are. Trust yourself. And unless you need changing, don't compromise yourself.

4. Sense of Purpose

Source: google.com via Holly on Pinterest

This one too comes with time and isn't easily identified.
But that's no reason not to approach each day with integrity, goals, faith, and a to-do list.
So work hard, play hard, pray hard, love hard, give much, be nice, and be yourself.
I think we all have the belief that we are here for a reason, or else we wouldn't get out of bed in the morning.

5. Sense of Style

Source: etsy.com via Holly on Pinterest

Now, this may not save your life, but it makes life more fun.
I think that when we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, we feel better about ourselves and those around us.
Your style is an expression; a statement about who you are. Make sure you're sending the right message.
And never leave the house without your best accessory: your smile.

Just a little food for thought on this fine Tuesday, punkin butts.



Lia Joy said...

So true! It's really unfortunate when people don't have a sense of humor. Or the ability to understand sarcasm. :)

Shannon Dew said...

Love these! I think that people should be born with these in addition to the real ones!

CALLIE said...

This post is perfection! Love every single bit of it :)

J and A said...

LOVED this, so very very true! :)

Samantha George-Realtor said...

I agree with all these other ladies, I LOVED this post!
I'm right there with you on the common sense, too!


Shane said...

Wow how clever, I LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week!

xo Shane

The Sweet Life said...

I have to agree with these extra 5 senses. It's crazy to me how many people lack these simple skills especially common sense.

Sandy a la Mode said...

that bib is awesome!!

Maura said...

i loved this!! it's so true all of these are so important especially that sense of humor one!

Anonymous said...

Holly! This post is AWESOME. So true...there are definitely more than five vital senses. =)

Happy Wednesday, dear!


MessyDirtyHair said...

love this! great post idea! i agree with the common sense! its crazy the amount of people who have zero. I much rather have street smarts than book smarts!

xo Kelly

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Tiffany said...

I couldn't agree more!!

And the potatoe picture made me almost pee my pants laughing. I might have sent it to all of my friends saying "hungry"?

Marley said...

that dictator one... i am still in shock!! hahahaa

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Hey Holly!
I am new to your blog- found you through Jessica's sponsor spotlight, and want you to know--this.post.is.awesome!!
I laughed my way through the whole post!!
I am a new follower of yours and am really looking forward to reading your posts in the future!!
Happy Saturday!

Mary said...

Great post! Thanks, Holly!

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