Monday, April 23, 2012

prayer request

This is a little heavy for a Monday.
My apologies.
But I'm sure you all understand.

{Uncle Drew, me, and Aunt Karla this past summer}

My uncle Drew {my dad's sister's husband} was in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.
He was life flighted and had surgery yesterday to insert a metal rod into his spine.
He broke his back and several ribs.
The doctor's think he should be OK, but the healing process will be long and slow. And probably painful, I'm assuming.
He and my aunt just moved from their long-time home in Charleston, SC to Wilmington, NC for his job, and most of their friends are still in Charleston, and of course our family is in Ohio.
A few years ago, Drew had open heart surgery because of some blockages in his heart that caused a heart attack/arteries to rupture that they replaced with arteries from his arm, I think.
Either way, this sucks for him and my aunt to have to go through something major like this again.
It's just the two of them.
So please, if you have a minute today, just send some good vibes and prayers their way.
Thank you. It would mean so much to me :)

On a lighter note, The Little One {i.e. my baby sister, Casey, who is 10.5 years younger than me} had her final dance recital this weekend.

{sisters: Heather (she's 24 weeks pregnant! eek!), Casey and me}

 {sisters and husbands/brothers-in-law}

 {Casey and her dance partner Gio. During our senior year, the girls dance and then they bring senior guys out to dance with them as part of the act.}

Casey, like Heather and I, has danced since she was four.
That's 14 years of rehearsals and recitals!
That's 24 years for my mom, who encouraged us to dance, helped behind the scenes at many recitals, and even danced herself for several years!

{Mom and Casey}

I miss dancing so much, and I'm always reminded of that at these recitals.
Casey is a good little dancer {totally takes after me ;)}and plans to dance in college next year, so I'm excited to be able to keep watching her shine.

Hope you're week is off to a great start!

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Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh definitely praying for your uncle. how scary!! hope the recovery is smooth and hopefully not painful for him.

thecoffeehouse said...

praying. things like this are never too heavy for a monday. they are absolutely necessary. and your little sis is gorgeous. :)

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Praying for your uncle for sure!
Hoping everyone is taking this well!
Be strong and never hesitate to make prayer requests!!

Melissa said...

many prayers and positive thoughts headed your way..

callie ;) said...

sending lots of prayers for a quick recovery, and prayers to your aunt for strength!

i saw those pics on fb yesterday and thought casey was wearing a crazy prom dress. hahaha. i miss dance, too!

asj said...

praying for your uncle! you're all in my thoughts - I used to live in Wilmington and its a great place and community - at least they have that going for them! xo

CALLIE said...

Praying so so hard for your Uncle. Major prayers for a quick and full recovery.

The same thing happened to my boss' son (26) in January. He is now paralyzed from the chest down, but doing great!

And... I have a little sister that's 10 years younger, as well :) How fun!!! We will dance recital-ing in a few weeks!

Mary said...

My goodness I am so sorry your aunt and uncle are going through some tough times. Sending happy thoughts and many prayers your way!

ashley said...

keeping your uncle in my prayers and sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your family.

congrats to your sister too!

Ashley said...

Sending lots of prayers yalls way sweet girl!!

Emily said...

1. Prayers definitely coming for your uncle. Very sorry to hear this.

2. Heather is still SO skinny and small for 24 weeks pregnant!

3. My mom came up for dinner on Saturday and brought all of our old dance pictures. Do you still have them? It's so funny you wrote about the guy/girl dance since I was JUST looking at those pictures this weekend!

Kristin said...

praying for your uncle!!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Praying for your uncle, so sorry to hear this.

Also, I am with you on missing dancing! I danced my whole life and just really wish I could get back in it!

sophistifunk said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. i will for sure be keeping him in my prayers!

Chelsea said...

he is in my prayers and I am sending heaps of good vibes his way hun, hope he does well through recovery. and awesome for your sister! I wish I had dancing skills haha

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

OMG Casey has your face & blonde hair. Crazy.

Also, I'm thinking about you!!!

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