Wednesday, May 16, 2012

color crush: yellow + sponsor love

Today, you can find me over on Sonja's blog, Running in Pearls, talking about day-to-night outfits!
{ironically almost all the outfits I posted over there have yellow in them! I think it's a sign!}

I don't know about you, but I think yellow is one of the most difficult colors to master with clothing.
No one wants to look washed out or like an off-duty construction worker.
Or a banana.
But now that bright colors are all the rage, I've been toying with the idea of adding more yellow to my summer wardrobe.
So I put together a little yellow inspiration board:

No More Mellow Yellow

Whaddya think?!
I have to say, I'm excited to try to recreate these six outfits - in real life, using my own wardrobe. 
They are perfect for warm weather and just about any occasion this summer.
And what I also like about this inspiration board is that I can actually afford it. 
Every piece is from Old Navy. 

If you didn't know before, you know now:
{no, they are not paying me to say that, but I wouldn't be upset with a little kick back :)}
Because Old Navy has affordable wardrobe staples that don't go out of style, and it dabbles in current trends without busting my budget.
I get new clothes and the wallet {and husband} stay happy. It's a win-win. Who doesn't like winning?!
Here is more yellow inspiration:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

So, are you embracing yellow this summer? Or another pop color?
Do you say "yellow" when you answer the phone?
I had to ask.


Now a word from my lovely, amazing, fabulous sponsors! 

Dana @ five30three

I'm Dana. I blog over at five30three about my random adventures of city dwelling, lifelong love of crafting, amateur photography hobby, motherhood and living in style.  I do so with a sense of humor, a hint of sarcasm and photos of one pretty darn cute baby.

 Hi Friends!
I'm Mindi and I write over at The Sprouted Root. I spend my days immersed in the raw, uninhibited nature of 3 boys (all under 3.5 years of age), so blogging is my little outlet. It provides me with the ability to capture and record all of the wild happenings around here, and make light of the situations that would drive any young mom to the brink of insanity (I'd say "hair-pulling" instead of insanity, but I really can't afford to lose any more hair after going through 3 post-partum sheds so recently). Coming from a house full of girls, I sometimes feel I have no idea what I'm doing in a house full of men, but I know this is where God wants me. Now that we've sprouted our little family, we're slowly renovating our home, and it's starting to feel like the perfect place to put down some roots.

Come visit me over at The Sprouted Root and say hi! You'll find posts on whatever peaks my fancy: kids, home decorating/renovating, recipes, parenting, faith, my Health Series, and my witty ramblings on May or May-NotMondays.
You can find me here on Facebook, and here on Pinterest!
Thanks for letting me stop in and say "Hi", Holly!

Hey readers. My name is Natalie.

I am wife to one, friend to many, blogger to YOU! I started this little blog called "Urban Anthropology" just over a year ago. I am a follower of Christ, fashion blogger, gluten-free baker, future mom, and stay at home comedian. Because I am so thrilled you're going to pop on over for a visit, I am doing a lil' giveaway today. 

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Liz @ Liz's Lovely Life


First, I want to start by thanking Holly for swapping with me this month- isn't she great!!
I am Liz! I started blogging just a few days before New Year's and since starting my blog I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful ladies, increased my tech/internet skills (WOW! I know!) and really found my passion for writing, trying new things and just finding happiness in the simple things.
I am 22 years old and got married last May- our first anniversary was May 14th!!! 

I have spent the last 8 months studying to become a teacher, and now I have been unleashed to the real world of grown ups!  I hope to be a high school French/History teacher. I live in a small town called Spencerville (population 500) in Ontario, Canada.
I enjoy cooking and baking, crocheting, Pinterest (maybe a little too much...), reading, running and of course- blogging!
Meeting new people is the best part of blogging so please drop on over to my blog and say hello!!


Aren't they all so cute?!
They are so sweet and their blogs are wonderful, so go check them out! NOW!
Move your buns!

Happy Hump Day, lovers!



Carolyn said...

I don't know about you, but I love looking like a banana. HAHA JK :) But I do love wearing yellow! You have some great choices here!!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

LOVE yellow, it's my college's color so I have tons of it. But I could buy more every day. I love Dana of course, now I can't wait to check out your other sponsors!

Married...with a Pup said...

Ok don't hate me but I'm not a fan of yellow...or orange. I literally do not have one piece of yellow in my closet. But I do love it on other people!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I've come to accept the fact that I may have to give yellow another try. I'll try and brighten up Paris and London. Thanks for the inspiration board!

Erin Heydt said...

You want some yellow? Check out these beauties I bought. They're amazing.

Soundtrack Blogger said...

Love the yellow. It just feels like summer, I think. Cute choices!

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