Wednesday, May 9, 2012

honest observations

Last night I attended the Aveda Institute Columbus' Earth Jam Fashion Benefit.
{thanks, Ashley for the ticket hook up!}
The event helps raise money for charity {they've raise over $1 million!} and is part of Aveda's Earth month celebrations. 

Thank goodness our tickets were reserved seats and we could sit by the stage, because my feet were killing me after standing in line for half an hour. I don't think they thought about the fact that 99% of those attending were wearing heels. Or they didn't care.
The ticket indicated the show started at 6, so we went straight from work only to stand in line. They should have said doors open at 6 {or more like 6:30} and show starts at 7 {or more like 7:30}.

I wore this and tossed the hair into a messy side bun.

My friend, and former co-worker, Christina and I had great second row seats at the end of the runway.

Now, I went into this thinking that along with crazy, fun hairstyles, there would be attractive fashion.
Not the case.
Don't get me wrong, I know, and appreciate the fact, that the Aveda students worked really hard to put on this show. I just would have liked to see some of the lines put more effort into the clothing.
And when I say effort, I mean having the models {who I assume were other Aveda students or friends} wear clothing that fits. I don't think I can count on both hands all four appendages how many ill-fitting, too short, too tight, too revealing {not in a good way} outfits I saw. 
The help of a fashion student would have gone a long way in letting the clothing choices allow the hair and makeup to shine!
I commend the models for what they were doing in front of so many {OK, sadly not that many} people, but I just think more energy could have been spent on the clothing because it really distracted from the main event - the hair and makeup.

Here are a few scenes from the show:
{excuse the awful iPhone pics. The stage lights were so bright!}

The first line was of all the new bold, natural hair color Aveda is using.
The hair pieces these ladies wore on their heads were impressive, and MASSIVE! I don't know how they stayed on!

Each line after that was a different color. A team of Aveda students worked together to do the hair and makeup related to their color line.

Green {above} was my favorite, and not just because it's my favorite color, but I liked the outfits {very Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden-esque}, the models looked comfortable on stage, and they did a great job incorporating the hair and makeup, including using the makeup to create body art.

I thought the blue line was good too. They did an underwater/sea theme, and seemed to put some extra effort into the costumes. They really made the blue in the models' hair bold and played up the makeup.

The orange line was decent, but all I can really remember is the girl who looked really uncomfortable, and I'm pretty sure her heels were either too big for her or too high. Poor thing.

This girl was my favorite model. She was gorgeous and looked comfortable on stage, and the Aveda students did a great job adding bright yellow pieces into her long black hair. And her clothes weren't distracting.

The yellow line wasn't bad, but I didn't understand the one girl in the red pants while everyone else wore all black with touches of yellow. Her red hair with the yellow wispies {yep, I'm sure that's the technical hair term} was fabulous though!

I was disappointed with the red {above} and purple {not shown} lines.
Before each line came on stage, they played a jazzy video with photos of and words that described the color. 
I thought the red was going to be fiery, sultry, bold, and sexy based on the video, but alas, I was underwhelmed. 
Again, I know these students worked very hard and I applaud them until my hands hurt, but I think honesty and constructive criticism are the only way to improve.  
If you can tell in the picture, most of the models are wearing black with hints of red. Of course, there is red in the hair, but I guess I just expected with a color like red that it would have been more edgy and sexy. I wasn't all that impressed with the make up either. 

After the models walked the runway, two Aveda students came out to talk about the hair and makeup, which I thought was great! However, the model they talked about for the makeup portion in the red line had bangs that literally covered her eyes and you couldn't see her makeup! #Fail. I'm sure it was great too!

So about purple.
Sadly, I don't have a photo, but again, I was underwhelmed.
The jazzy video had me so excited, but some of the hair wasn't very bold and the outfits didn't do them any favors - one model was wearing a blue floral jumper with tall tube socks with red stripes. I wasn't sure what they were going for with that.
One word from the video that stood out to me was royal. If it were me, I would have done a whole queen-and-her-loyal-subjects bit with fierce, yet elegant costumes and bright, bold hair and makeup.
You can call me Captain Hindsight.

Overall, I was glad that I went and experienced the event.
I 100% applaud the creativity and hard work of all the Aveda students! Bravo!
I don't applaud the awkward live auctions. Bids were low {though there were some good packages being auctioned} and it seemed to drag on...twice.
Maybe a silent auction next year? Or a more entertaining auctioneer? 
Again, these are just my honest observations and helpful constructive criticisms.
Please don't jack up my hair if I ever come in for a cut or color {which they do for really great prices!}.



Dana @five30three said...

Your messy side bun is way prettier and cooler than anything on that stage. You should have jumped on there and let people clap for you until their hands hurt!

Taylor Grace said...

Agree with Dana, your side bun looked stylish but chic. Hate with hairstylists try too hard to do too much. Great post, great blog!

Would you like to do a button swap? I'm grabbing yours now :)


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

looks like a fun show! i love your outfit! the tank is adorable & that color looks fab on you!! thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll :) :) :)

xo Kelly <3 <3 <3

Ashley said...

I'm with everyone else- great side bun! Silent Auction is a really good idea- it seems like that may be a better fit for this show.

Michael Westside said...

I had purple contact lenses once. Nobody saw a difference since my eyes are usually green. so they be like "they look the same as always"

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