Friday, May 4, 2012

lately + friday's letters

Though I'm sure you're all torn up about my absence this week, it wasn't you, it was me.
I love you all dearly, but homegirl needed some down time.
I guess I got a little excited about being done with this semester of grad school, and celebrated by doing literally almost nothing for a week. I barely rolled into work due to the excitement.

But alas, I shall grace you with my presence on one of the happiest days of the week.
 So, let's catch up on a few major events - bullet-point style:

  •  We bought a ThunderShirt for Kilah. She still barks but not nearly as excessively I'd say. We haven't tested her anxiety around new people yet, but I've heard good things about this. She doesn't appreciate us taking it off, so I guess she's a fan.
  •  My in-laws sold their house (Shawn's childhood home) and bought a condo in Columbus close to us! They close on their house May 29 and move in early June. We're excited to have dog sitters and their cooking skills so easily accessible ;) And of course their fun-loving company!

  •   My friend Kelley is officially a divorcee, and we celebrated last weekend. She even bought herself a "Just Divorced" cake, and my friends and I chipped in to buy her a bottle of Moet and a $100 gift card to Pier 1, plus my talented friend Karleigh edited a photo of Kelley drinking a bottle of Moet (on the dance floor, because that's how she rolls) that says "Drink like a BOSS" (a quote straight from the divorcee herself). So we popped that bottle of Moet in the bar parking lot because that's how you help a friend celebrate divorce!
  •  I finished my first year of grad school! But summer classes start May 14, so my no-homework euphoria will be short-lived. But much appreciated and necessary.
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Dear Friday, what took you so long?

Dear Life, you're about to get hella crazy busy. Be gentle.

Dear Husband, thank you for communicating. Hang in there.

Dear Personal Assistant, are you EVER going to show up for work???

Dear Stomach, you need an intervention! Gluttony is not flattering on you...or me. I can't keep watching you destroy yourself with cookies and cream ice cream. It's depressing. You need to get yourself under control. My bikini is counting on you!

Dear May sponsors, you rock my little socks! Check 'em out on my sidebars, kiddos!

Happy Friday, silly heads!



Syndal said...

what is a thunder shirt??

Samantha George-Realtor said...

Your PA & my PA must hang out... mine has NEVER showed up for work. haha!


Megan said...

We have that same Thundershirt for Gunner and it works sooooo well for storms (which is really his only anxiety!). I love it and it has to be a dream for those who have really anxious pups! I'm interesting how it works with Kyla and new people! Keep me updated :)

Valerie Griffin said...

congrats on finishing your first year of grad school!

shay said...

Wow, i've never met anyone else that had a Thunder Shirt for their dog! My parents have one for their dog and got my dog one. So far they seem to help a little. Kadee thinks she's being punished when my mom goes to put it on her though. Poor thing!

Congrats on finishing your first year of school!

Katie said...

Do thunder shirts work if you just put them on your dog for certain occassions or do they have to wear daily to get use to it? My dog is really annoying around the Fourth of July. We have considered getting her medicine to chill her out around that time, but Im not crazy about that idea.

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

That Just Divorced party sounds awesome! Way to help a friend out!

And congrats on your first year of grad school! WAHOO! Rock on.

As for your Personal Assistant, he/she must be off playing hooky with my Personal Assistant. That's it. As soon as she shows up for work, she's fired. ;-)

The Pink Growl said...

Your dog is beautiful! I've been thinking about getting my furry one a thunder shirt because she's a little dog so she barks a lot when she's alarmed.

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

My dog has a thunder shirt too! She is the most anxious dog ever, and it seems to quiet her right down. Hopefully it helps your puppy too!

Tiffany said...

I've heard about the Thunder Shirt & wondered how well it worked.
Congrats on one semeser of grad school down!

Sarah said...

Hey Holly :) Congrats on finishing your first year of grad school. I'm planning on going back to school eventually to add to my teaching license...but I'm so out of practice. I'm used to assigning the work now, not doing it :-P I included your blog in my post today. Check it out here:

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