Monday, May 21, 2012

nostalgia + a winner

It's Monday. After a very busy weekend.
And all I can think about right now is how much I want Mexican food.
Maybe it's because I need a margarita.
Yep, that's gotta be it.
And also the fact that I LOVE Mexican food.
Shawn doesn't. He says it's because they "microwave" it, i.e. take it out of the freezer and heat it up in a big oven. But he still eats at Olive Garden. Pretty sure they do the same thing there...hmmmm...weirdo.

Speaking of Shawn.
Last week I mentioned that I was struggling.
Well, I hit the proverbial wall on Friday night.
Laying in bed, I spilled my guts to him and he knew just what to say to put everything into perspective.
He has plans and realistic ideas and observations.
And no matter how impatient or overwhelmed I get, he sticks to the plan. He sees the big picture.
He knows what to say to calm me down. To see the reality of it.
I like to think that I keep myself together pretty well, but sometimes I break.
Shawn's always right there to keep me sane. To help me pick up the pieces and give it another go.
And I always do.
So I am.
Thank God for that man.

Ok, sappiness over.
Wanna see some pics of the hubs and I?
A couple weeks ago, Shawn and I did a Relive the Moment shoot with Amy Clark Studios.
Amy, and her fabulous assistant and fellow Cbus blogger Jackie, were so much fun to work with. They're energetic and easy going, and made us feel so comfortable despite being all dolled up in populated park.
Take a peek:

{see more on my Facebook page}

It was so much fun to get to put my dress on again {and very rewarding knowing that it still fit!}!
Shawn was bummed not to have his tux, but I kinda loved his casual, after-the-ceremony look. It's much more him.
Now, we have the pleasure of picking out our favorites, which is going to be so tough!
We truly enjoyed this experience with Amy and Jackie. And I'm so glad that I answered Jackie's tweet a couple weeks ago! 
I wasn't in love with our wedding pics, so I was grateful to have another go at them. Even though it wasn't quite the same, it still brought back the same refreshing feelings of love and excitement. Very nostalgic.
So, if any of you Cbus wives are wanting to relive your wedding day, contact Amy Clark Studios right now!
You won't be disappointed!

And congratulations to Kirsten @ Through the Front Door for winning my business card giveaway!



Kelly said...

Ohhhh!! LOOK at those adorable photos!! :-D You two look so in love and sooo beautiful. FUN!! I had a super horrible week last week and my husband knew just what to say as well :-) We all have those hours, days, weeks, months, etc-- you'll get through it!

Amy G. said...

Love love love the pics! I want to do a shoot like that too! I didn't feel like the hubs and I got enough pics of just the two of us from our wedding day! Such a great idea and you look beautiful!

Sami said...

What you said about your husband is SO cute! I hope I get to have that one day :) I love your pictures, they are so cute and what a good idea! Love that you wore boots.. I love the look with the formal wedding dress :)

Britty said...

This is so great! I wanted to do a 'year later' shoot but I really don't think my dress will fit anymore. yeesh. I would love to have more pics to play with! Your pics look awesome.

Britty said...

This is so great! I wanted to do a 'year later' shoot but I really don't think my dress will fit anymore. yeesh. I would love to have more pics to play with! Your pics look awesome.

Mallory said...

You go girl for fitting into your wedding dress!! These pics are super cute:)

Married...with a Pup said...

Hoooooooowwwwww fun! Sorry for my over enthusiasm. I just had no idea there were photo shoots like this! Love the idea! Your picture turned out so well!!

Shannon Dew said...

Love love love your pics! Makes me want to put on my dress and do something fun too!

Nikki said...

That is so cool! What an awesome idea :) I'm hoping my wedding dress fits this first time around! It's still in America and I'm in Croatia and I won't get to try it on until 5 days before so I reaaaaally hope it fits!

Mary said...

I LOVE this!!! What a cute idea! You look amazing and it's so fun to see how much in love you two are!!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

These are such beautiful photos! You guys are so freaking cute together!! Love them!

I'm having another giveaway on my blog today!


Mrs EyeCanSee said...


Chelsea said...

Awww, I love these pictures SO much!! You are stunning! What an amazing idea to re-live some of that :)

Sarah said...

I am the same way with Mexican food..sometimes I just CRAVE it!

Love the photos, so, so fun and you guys look great!

lori said...

these pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

i would love to take some pictures in my dress again... i've lost about 25 lbs since my wedding and i now when i look back at my pictures, i hate the way i look!

Kirsten Danielle said...

Aaah so excited!! Also, I LOVE the idea of doing a "relive the moment" shoot...your pictures are just too precious!

Syndal said...

What a GREAT idea to "relive the moment"! I haven't seen that before!

Jenee C. said...

Aww these are lovely. What a great idea too!


kaitlyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kaitlyn said...

These pics are adorable! Wishing I found something like this before my wedding :)

Carolyn said...

Those pics look great! :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

That is an AMAZING photo shoot! Is it bad that I haven't dry cleaned my wedding dress yet? (I got married last May. Oops!) And how appropriate that you posted those pictures after writing about your wonderful husband!

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