Monday, June 11, 2012

balancing act

I'm feeling a little off today.
Maybe it's because I forgot my rings at home today. Maybe it's because only one shoulder got burnt this weekend while laying out at the pool. Maybe it's because my right ear is higher than my left ear. Maybe it's because I took a nap yesterday for the first time in forever. Maybe it's because I had a low-key weekend for the first time in months and I took advantage of it, meaning I was pretty unproductive {unless you count getting a tan as being productive}.
Whatever it is, I'm just feeling off balance.
Not necessarily in a bad way, just a weird way. It's really hard to explain.

I've often wondered about meditation.
Being so busy and constantly on the go, I keep thinking that meditation would be a good thing for me to do. To get myself to just sit still for a hot minute, check in with my body, mind and soul, and connect with my internal happy place.
This unbalanced feeling has me seriously considering trying some meditation techniques. 
Do any of you meditate? Would you recommend it? What do you like about it? Does it keep you balanced/sane? What techniques do you use? Do you use yoga as a form of meditation?

I just think sometimes I get so wrapped up in my to-do list that I forget how powerful silence can be. 
It's rarely silent in my life or in my head. My mind runs in 18 different directions at once all.the.time {it's quite impressive and disturbing}.
I'm really looking for a way to take a few minutes every day to relax. To check in with myself. To reflect on the day and my feelings about what's going on in my life. To be present; in the moment. To keep my mind and soul healthy.
Besides the counseling techniques, the technical terms and theories, I'm learning in my grad program that it's imperative that one takes care of herself. Mentally.
I know how to take care of my body with exercise and nutrition, but I often forget to take care of my mind.
If you have any information or tips about meditation or yoga, please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear how you take care of your mind, and of course learn ways to take care of mine.

Now, a little Make It My Own Monday action.
{MIMO is a fun little game Miss Chelsea and I started to try to recreate the outfits we've pinned on Pinterest}
Here is my inspiration outfit, courtesy of the lovely Anna @ Fash Boulevard:

And here's what I wore:

{shorts, tank, shoes: Old Navy. necklace: Forever 21 (old)}

I was a walking Old Navy advertisement. I loved the teal tank {which is longer in the back than the front} with the neon yellow shorts. And those nude-colored sandals {which I got on sale for $10} are turning out to be my go-to summer shoes. 
Looking back, I would definitely add more arm candy, or arm candy period, like Anna did. I just need more stackable bracelets, yo! I'd be happy to review and rock bracelets from your shop if you have one (wink, wink).
OK, shameless pleading/begging is not a good look for me. Ending this post now.

Happy Monday, love bugs!



Carolyn said...

Love the outfit! I agree... I need to get some stackable bracelets too! :)

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Those shorts are to die for! I am always trying to add a little neon in my life.

KatyK said...

I started a yoga class up last week and yes its quite relaxing and definitely made me slow down and just be quiet for doesnt have to be meditation or yoga though. I find sometimes just a quiet walk alone, or a long soak in the tub, or even reading a book can help me slow down and connect with me.

With Glitter On Top said...

super cute outfit :) please come check out my blog sometime!!

Mrs. Williams {Persnickety Plates} said...

I have that shirt! I wore it on Saturday. I need to find some appropriate length shorts - I feel like every cute pair I find leaves my bum hanging out.

I tried meditating but the mind racing thing doesn't slow down for me.

Sami said...

Yoga would probably be good for some quiet time or Pilates.. I love Pilates! I love your cute little yellow shorts. Old Navy has been my go-to place for bright clothes these days :)

Katie said...

i love old navy!! and love your bright colors! so cute!

Michael Westside said...

Looking good! And such.

Mallory said...

You look adorable in that outfit! I wish I was brave enough to Rick colored make it look easy!:)

Meagan said...

I'm feeling off today, too! Try yoga - you're getting a workout while also focusing on your breath and becoming more centered. Bethenny has some good DVDs that you can buy at Target!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

I feel like I can never get get my mind to stop no matter what I do. It's always going going going! I love your yellow shorts! So cute!

Anonymous said...

very cute girl! i want that pink hat!

Miss Chelsea said...

Wait, you're supposed to feel balanced?? That's news to me. I think i've been doing it wrong all along hahah

Love that outfit, and the inspiration one. I need to get back on the bandwagon. My outfits have been boorrrrinnggg

Kristin W said...

LOVING the yellow shorts and outfit! I'd so think you were super fun and cool if I saw you in this ;)

I do yoga as part of my "meditation" and it's done wonders for me...

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Yoga or meditation sounds like it would help. Wish I had some concrete advice for you, but that would me more like the blind leading the blind. On a lighter note, love the yellow shorts!

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, you are so sweet. I feel so honored! And your outfit is FABULOUS. Totally in love. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures from my wedding ceremony. I'l love if you'd check it out. xo

Anonymous said...

This blog post was hilarious! I found you via Jess at LOST and I love the little comedic anecdotes you throw in (I always say "in a hot minute"!) And I'm a big fan of yoga, definitely helps me quiet my mind and my mouth frankly. I hate to sit still but yoga gives you just enough challenge in your muscles to keep your body active while sitting still! :) definitely will be following!


Lauren said...

You know I always back out of yoga cause I dot want to exercise, but this post reminded me that when I used to do yoga it wAs probably better for me mentally than physically. Cute blog!!

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