Friday, June 29, 2012

surgery + friday's letters + giveaway winner

Oh, buttercups.
It's been a long day.
Lots of sitting in a hospital waiting room while everyone around me came and went.
And I waited. And waited. And waited. From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for my husband to have his foot surgery.
Turns out, the hospital didn't have him on the surgery list, but the doctor said he'd fit him in.
So he did. But the buck doesn't stop there.
A nasty storm rolled through Columbus, and most of Ohio for that matter, leaving our home without power. So now Shawn and I are at his parents' house where he has drifted off to sleep.
He struggled waking up from the anesthesia, but the doctor said everything went well.
Since Shawn has screws in his foot, he will have to go back in a few months to have them taken out, which means being put under again. Oy! 
What a process, but hopefully in a few months he will be all healed and won't be in pain anymore.
Fingers crossed.

Today, I'm linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters!


Dear Dr. Logan: You're a rockstar. Not only are you cute in a nerdy, smart doctor way, but you were so good to my hubby today. Thank you. Dear TomKat: Can't say I'm not surprised by your divorce news. Although, I am surprised that you lasted this long. Dear Self: Relax! Dear Shawn: I'm glad you're letting me take care of you. P.S. you're so cute after surgery. Dear Friends: I miss you. Dear Erin Condren Life Planner: I can't wait until you come in the mail! Like can.not.wait!!! I can't wait to doodle my crazy schedule on your fabulously colorful pages. Call me old school, but I am obsessed with writing in an actual paper planner. Dear Bloggy Friends and Shop Owners: Wanna button swap or sponsor me in July? Email me if you're interested :)

And now, as promised, the winner of my Shabby Apple $50 gift card giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats, Nikki! I'll email you :)
Happy weekend, love bugs!



Brook said...

Sorry about the power but I'm so glad the surgery went well. Enjoy your planner!

Brandy said...

I'm not all that surprised about the demise of TomKat either. But you always hope one of those couples will make it one day!

Erin said...

I'm in Southwest Ohio and we didn't lose power, but a bunch of my family did! :( No fun-- hope yours gets turned back on quickly!

I'm looking forward to getting an EC planner too, but I'm going to wait bc I have a current one ;)

Would love to button swap with you!!

Dana @ five30three said...

"Oy!" is right. I am glad everything went well. Hope you guys can enjoy the rest of your weekend...with power!

Ktbuttons said...

Just found your blog! I am also from Ohio! I call the Lake Erie coast home, but live with my hubby in Athens, attending Ohio U for our Masters. So glad to have found you :)

Jeremy and Megan said...

I was surprised about TomKat bc there hadn't been any gossip or rumors about them recently! Oh well, sounds like Katie had it planned for a while!

I hope you get your power back!!

I would be interested in doing a button swap, I am getting ready to make one to put on my blog! :)

Michelle said...

Oh man, I hope he heals quickly!

Wasn't that storm EPIC? I was on 315 right before it hit and decided to pull off and run into a Barnes & Noble. Definitely a good decision. Thankfully we still have power, but there are trees down and on houses all over the place. I hope your power comes on soon!

callie ;) said...

you are going to LOVE your erin condren planner. it is my fave! warning: it's super heavy. i carry mine with me almost all the time, and mike thinks i have bricks in my purse. totally worth it, though. :)

Anonymous said...

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